Saturday, November 24, 2012


The last PPV of Year 5. I can't believe I made it this far.

Match 1. Ladder - Petey Williams vs. Jay Lethal   TNA X-Division Championship
Lethal brought in a ladder and hit Petey. Williams threw Lethal into the corner and began climbing, but Lethal knocked him down. Both men climbed up, but Lethal tossed Williams to the mat from the top of the ladder. They climbed again about 10 minutes later. Williams hit Lethal with a neck breaker from the top down to the mat. Williams landed a Codebreaker and the Canadian Destroyer. Lethal somehow got up and both men climbed the ladder. Lethal connected with an uppercut which sent Williams down to the ground and Lethal grabbed the title.

Match 2. Table - Jack Swagger vs. Sheamus   WWE Championship
Swagger left the ring and brought in a table. He landed a neck breaker and a sit-out spine buster. Sheamus connected with the High Cross. After a clothesline in the corner, Sheamus locked Swagger in a Texas cloverleaf. He then hit another High Cross. Swagger threw Sheamus into the table that was set up in the corner and speared him through it to retain.

Match 3. Team Hell No vs. Big Show and Henry   WWE Tag Team Championship
This tag match was quicker than every tag match in the tournament. Very underwhelming. Show hit Kane with a suplex. There was a ladder, a replica title belt and a chair in the ring. Kane hit Show with a clothesline while Bryan kicked the chair into Henry's face and busted him open. Kane reversed Show's chokeslam and hit Henry with a Tombstone. Bryan then locked Henry in the No Lock for the win.

Match 4. Kash and Gunner vs. Chavo and Hernandez   TNA Tag Team Championship
With the win on Impact, Chavo and Hernandez earned a title shot. Gunner tossed Kash from the top onto Hernandez. Gunner and Hernandez went toe to toe. Gunner hit a hip toss, but Hernandez landed a back breaker. Hernandez then hit Kash with a Border Toss. Hernandez ended the match with another Border Toss on Gunner to with the titles. Chavo saw very limited action in the match.

Match 5. Scramble - Bully Ray vs. Aries vs. Hardy vs. Storm vs. Roode   TNA World Championship
This is a falls count anywhere 20-minute scramble match. The first two were Jeff and Storm. They attemped a couple of collar and elbow tie-ups, with Storm eventually getting the upper hand. Storm continued with his offense, but Jeff took control. Storm landed the Last Call and got the 3 count. The next man to join the ring was former champ Bully Ray.

Ray went right after Storm. Jeff helped with a spinning reverse DDT. Storm was able to fight off both men as he hit Ray with a Last Call. Jeff hit Storm with a Twist of Fate and Ray went for the pin, but Jeff broke it up. Ray went for a chokeslam, but Storm reversed it into an STO. He then landed the Bully Cutter. He then hit one on Jeff a minute later.

Aries ran down and went after Jeff. Jeff connected with Whisper in the wind and Twist of Fate on Aries. He then went for a pin, but Ray broke it up. Ray landed a sit-out powerbomb on Jeff, but Storm broke up the following pin. Aries hit Storm with a spine buster and got the 3 count. Aries is the current champ. Jeff left the ring and grabbed a chair. Storm hit Ray with Last Call and got a 2 count.Storm hit Ray with a knee smash and busted him open.

Roode made his way to the ring. There are now less than 5 minutes left. Ray got his belt back after a Bully Cutter to Storm. Jeff hit Ray with a Twist of Fate, but Ray rolled out of the ring. Storm busted Aries open with a Codebreaker. Aries hit Storm with a German suplex on a chair. Roode forced Jeff to tap from a crossface and is the current champ. Storm hit Jeff with the Eye of the Storm while Aries locked Ray in the Horns of Aries. Neither man scored a fall. Roode is breaking up pins and submissions at this point. No one scored another fall, letting Roode walk out as the new champion.

After the match, the referee checked on Jeff Hardy.

Main Event. TLC - Triple H vs. Chris Jericho   World Heavyweight Championship
There were already tables and ladders in the ring. Triple H climbed the ladder and reached for the belt. However, he missed the belt, fell off the ladder and crashing through a table. Jericho took advantage and began climbing, but Triple H got up and tipped over the ladder. After a couple of attempts at the belt, Triple H hit Jericho with a Pedigree. Jericho got up and locked in the Walls of Jericho. Triple H came back with a couple of spine busters and another Pedigree. A minute later, Jericho locked in another Walls of Jericho. Both men climbed the ladder. Triple H punched Jericho a couple of times, causing him to fall to the mat and allowed Triple H to pull down his title.

After the match, Christopher Daniels and Jack Swagger attacked Triple H.

Recap: Petey and Lethal have gone back and forth with the X-Division title, it's making for some exciting matches. The TNA Championship match was the best scramble match I've seen. Jeff is injured.

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