Friday, November 9, 2012


This is a WWE-only event.

Match 1. Extreme Rules - McIntyre vs. Swagger vs. Kingston vs. Mick Foley  Hardcore Championship
Yes, you are reading this correctly. Mick Foley returns to put the Hardcore Title on the line. Swagger left the ring and grabbed a drink from a fan. Kingston locked Foley in a single-leg Boston crab. Drew hit Swagger with a guitar. He then hit a vicious neck breaker and the Future Shock while Foley hit Kofi with a piledriver. Foley then shoved Mr. Socko down Kofi's throat to win.

Match 2. Hell No vs. Sandow and Del Rio  WWE Tag Team Championship
Is Hell No the greatest team this Universe has seen? Kane and Bryan isolated Del Rio from his partner. Kane picked Sandow up by his throat and landed a sidewalk slam. He then chokeslammed him, but Sandow kicked out. Bryan came in and locked Sandow in the No Lock. About a minute later, Bryan did it again and forced Sandow to tap out.

Match 3. Unification Match - Ted DiBiase vs. The Miz  United States and IC Championships
Miz ran towards Ted, but he flipped him over his back. Miz lifted Ted up and connected with a shoulder breaker. He then landed a big boot which sent DiBiase flying into the corner. Miz went for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Ted ducked and hit Dream Street. Miz got up and landed a swinging neck breaker before choking Ted in the corner for the win.

Match 4. The Rock vs. Triple H
Weeks of bickering has led to this match. Who is the greatest of all time? Triple H landed a Pedigree at the 5-minute mark. Rock kicked out of the following pin. After a Russian leg sweep, Rock hit The Game with a Rock Bottom. Triple H landed a back suplex and picked Rock back up. Rocky raked the eyes and connected with a spine buster. He then hit a second Rock Bottom. Rock landed a float-over DDT and a reverse DDT to get to the win.

Match 5. Big Show vs. John Cena  World Heavyweight Championship
Cena went for a pin, the ref called a 2 count and Cena got pissed. He tossed the ref across the ring. Show dominated after that as he landed a Final Cut and the WMD. Cena got back up with a low blow and a suplex. Show connected with a huge headbutt and won.

After the match, James Storm came in and celebrated with Show.

Main Event. Hell in a Cell - Antonio Cesaro vs. Brock Lesnar  WWE Championship
Lesnar lost his title when Cesaro cashed in his Money in the Bank contract. Can Lesnar regain the title? Lesnar drove his shoulder into the gut of Cesaro. They left the cell and climbed all the way to the top. The roof is dented. Who will fall through? After a couple of German and back suplexes, Lesnar connected with the F5 and sent Cesaro all the way down to the ring! The match continued. Lesnar went for another F5, but Cesaro broke out. Cesaro got up and connected with the Neutralizer to win.

Recap: Pardon my language, but how the fuck did Cesaro retain? What a main event!

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