Thursday, November 1, 2012

July Week 4, Year 5

The next PPV will be TNA's Hardcore Justice in 3 weeks.

Match 1. Randy Orton vs. Brodus Clay
I'll be controlling Orton to drop Clay in the rankings. Orton landed a tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Clay and then drove his knee across Clay's forehead. Orton reversed Clay's arm lock and connected with an RKO. Orton continued the attack with his Angle Slam-like move. After a suplex and a diving knee, Orton got the win.

Match 2. Dolph Ziggler vs. Tensai
I'll control Ziggler for same reason as above. Tensai is one tough customer. Ziggler left the ring and grabbed a chair while Tensai brought in a sledgehammer. After a couple of chair shots, Ziggler landed the Name Dropper and a ZigZag. Tensai kicked out and landed an inverted DDT on the chair. After another Name Dropper, Ziggler landed a second ZigZag to win.

Match 3. Chris Jericho vs. The Rock
About 20 seconds into the match, Cena ran down. Jericho wanted is help, but Cena attacked Jericho. Rock went for the pin, but Jericho kicked out. Rock landed a Russian leg sweep and a back drop. He then locked Jericho in the Sharpshooter. Jericho broke out and received a Rock Bottom and Rock won.

Main Event. Undertaker vs. Triple H
Taker landed an STO and a back breaker. A few minutes later, Triple H fought back with a knee smash and spine buster. He then hit the Pedigree, but Taker kicked out. He landed another STO and hit the Last Ride and Tombstone to win.

Match 1. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries
The ref was checking Jeff when Aries hit him in the jaw with brass knuckles. Aries went for Horns of Aries, but Jeff blocked it and connected with a Twist of Fate. Aries came back with a front suplex and a pump handle slam and won.

After the match, Jeff left the ring but Aries followed and kicked Jeff's head into the turnpost.

Match 2. Zema Ion vs. Kenny King
Zema landed a vicious DDT and went for a pin, but King kicked out. King went for a reverse DDT, but Ion reversed it into a suplex. Ion later busted King open with a facebuster. He then brought in a chair while Sonjay Dutt walked down the ramp. King fought back and landed Coronation while Rob Terry appeared from the crowd and won.

Match 3. Chavo and Hernandez vs. Kid Kash and Gunner
Chavo and Hernandez hit Kaz with a suplex/body splash combination. A few minutes later, Daniels hit Hernandez with Angels Wings. Kaz tossed Daniels from the top rope onto Chavo. Hernandez landed a back breaker and a diving leg drop. He then hit a top rope splash to win.

Main Event. Tabel - James Storm vs. ???
Storm's opponent was Bully Ray. Let's hope he comes back soon. TNA really needs him. Ray landed a back suplex on Storm. Magnus walked down and attacked Bully. Ray brought in a table, but Storm connected with Last Call. He landed another one about a minute later. After a backstabber, Storm speared Ray through a table to win.

Recap: Cena turned heel. Interesting. Orton went from 14 to 11 and Ziggler rose from 20 to 17. Kenny King made a huge jump from 21 to 14.

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