Wednesday, November 28, 2012

January Week 3, Year 6

There will be 2 Rumble qualifying matches on each show for the next 2 weeks, totaling 4 for WWE and 4 for TNA.

Match 1. Rumble qualify - Primo and Epico vs. Tensai and Barrett
Primo and Epico hit Barrett with a double flying forearm. Epico landed a German suplex and an STO on Tensai. He continued with a back breaker. Tensai came back with a chokebomb on Epico. He drove his knee into the gut of Epico and won.

Match 2. Triple H vs. Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler was in control of The Game as he landed a Russian leg sweep and the Name Dropper. Triple H countered the ZigZag and landed the Pedigree. Ziggler kicked out, but Triple H continued. He landed another Pedigree and a pile driver. After a suplex, Triple H got the win.

Match 3. Rumble qualify - CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman vs. Alex Riley
Punk hit Riley with a couple of back breakers. He then landed a inverted neck breaker. Riley hit a suplex, but Heyman distracted the referee. Punk then connected with the GTS. Riley landed a DDT. He went for a corner splash, but Punk reversed it into an STO and won.

After the match, Swagger hit Punk with the WWE Title.

Main Event. Jack Swagger vs. Chris Jericho
These two men traded blows and reversals in the early going. Swagger landed a tilt-a-whirl slam on the outside. They made it back into the ring as Swagger landed the gutwrench. Swagger landed the Swagger Bomb and another gutwrench to win.

After the match, the ref checked on Jericho.

Match 1. Kurt Angle vs. James Storm
Matt Morgan appeared sitting in the front row. Angle landed a couple of belly-to-belly suplex. Angle then connected with the triple German suplexes. Storm got up and hit Last Call. He then hit the backstabber. Angle got up and hit an Angle Slam to win.

After the match, Morgan ran into the ring and attacked both men.

Match 2. Rumble qualify - Kenny King vs. Eric Young
King landed a neck breaker and a standing dropkick. Young landed a pile driver on King. Zema Ion ran down and went after King. Kenny got up and landed Coronation on Young. Young got up and hit another pile driver. After a diving elbow, Young got the win.

Match 3. Rumble qualify - Devon vs. Doug Williams 
Williams reversed a powerbomb into a face buster. He then landed a rolling German suplex. Devon kicked out and hit a Death Valley Driver and then a fall away slam. Devon hit an STO and a High Cross to win.

Main Event. Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray
Ray appeared on stage and Roode attacked him from behind. He hit a spine buster and the Pay Off on the ramp. Ray tried coming back, but Roode reversed his chokeslam. He hit a sit-out spine buster to win.

After the match, Roode left the ring, but was stopped by the returning RVD. RVD ran down and threw Roode into the steel steps.

Recap: Jericho is injured. It looked like he was going to challenge Swagger for the WWE Title. RVD is back 

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