Friday, November 16, 2012

November Week 2, Year 5

Match 1. Big Show and Henry vs. Sandow and Del Rio
I guess the phrase "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" comes into effect here. Big Show walked down the ramp alone. I guess Henry doesn't feel the same way. Sandow hit Show with a back suplex and a neck breaker. Del Rio was tagged in and connected with a heel kick. He then locked Show in the cross armbreaker. After a spear/clothesline combo, Sandow got the 3 count.

After the match, Henry checked on Show, but Sandow and Del Rio hit both men with chairs.

Match 2. John Cena vs. Jack Swagger   #1 Contender's Match
I interfered with Triple H and hit the Pedigree on Cena. Swagger got the cover and Triple H woke the ref up. When the cutscene appeared, Cena was on top and got the win...

Match 3. CM Punk vs. Ted DiBiase
What?! A DiBiase sighting! During the match, Paul Heyman ran down and distracted DiBiase. Punk took control and landed the running knee/bulldog combo. Punk went for GTS, but DiBiase blocked it and landed Dream Street. A couple of minutes later, Ted landed a sit-out spine buster, but Punk kicked out. He hit another Dream Street and won.

Main Event. Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho
Dolph was walking to the ring when Kofi attacked him from behind. Jericho left and grabbed a chair, but it backfired as Dolph hit Jericho a couple of times. Ziggler locked Jericho in a sleeper hold, but he was able to break out. The match spilled to the outside where Ziggler connected with a ZigZag. They made it back in as Ziggler hit a pinning German suplex to win.

Match 1. Bully Ray vs. The Pope vs. Anderson vs. RVD   TNA Television Championship
Anderson landed a Mic Check early in the match on Pope. Anderson hit Ray with a neck breaker while Pope hit RVD with a face buster. Anderson then hit Pope with another Mic Check. Ray got up and hit Pope with a Bully Bomb. All 4 men ended up on the outside. Anderson hit Ray with a rolling fireman's carry. Pope hit RVD with a neck breaker and won.

Match 2. Chavo and Hernandez vs. Gunner and Kaz   TNA World Tag Championship
Rob Terry has left Robbie E. Now, the tag titles are vacant. Hernandez went on a tear as he hit Gunner with four consecutive Border Tosses. He then went to the top rope and connected with a huge splash. Gunner was able to get up and connect with a DDT. Gunner hit Chavo with a leg drop and got the 3 count.

Match 3. Jeff Hardy vs. Desmond Wolfe
About 15 seconds into the match, Rob Terry ran down and attacked both men. Both men left the ring. Wolfe grabbed a chair and hit Jeff a few times before connecting with a DDT. He then hit a double underhook powerbomb. They made it back into the ring where Wolfe hit a back suplex for the win.

After the match, Wolfe left and Terry came back. Terry attacked Hardy some more, but Wolfe turned around and saved Hardy.

Main Event. Austin Aries vs. Rob Terry
Aries was in control as he drove his elbow into the side of Terry's neck. Terry landed a huge chokeslam. He then lifted Aries up by the neck and slammed him on the mat. He then busted Aries open with some right hands. Aries went for a springboard splash, but he missed. Terry then connected with a spine buster and won.

Recap: What was Paul Heyman doing on Raw? Does he have an alliance with CM Punk? Raw saw the return of some mid-card stars. Ted and Kofi look to be involved with some big names now. Swagger jumped from No. 24 to the No. 1 spot. Sandow and Del Rio also made huge jumps.

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