Saturday, November 10, 2012

September Week 4, Year 5

Because he was unable to regain the WWE Title, Lesnar is walking away from the WWE.

Match 1. Titus O'Neill vs. Chris Jericho
 Titus was walking down the ramp when Darren Young pooped up in the crowd and punched out O'Neil. O'Neil recovered and the match began. Titus brought in the steel steps. Titus hit Jericho with a fall away slam. He then landed a sit-out spine buster. Jericho came back with a heel kick. Titus tried building momentum, but Jericho halted it. He hit the Codebreaker and won.

After the match, Jericho left and Darren entered and began attacked Titus. Jericho turned around and saved Titus.

Match 2. Team Hell No vs. The Rock and Triple H
 It looks like Rock and Triple H are back on the same page. Triple H landed his spine buster on Bryan. He then landed a Pedigree, but Bryan kicked out of the pin. Triple H then hit Bryan with a piledriver. Kane came in and hit him with a chokeslam. Triple H busted Bryan open with a knee smash. Rock came in and hit Bryan with a Rock Bottom. Kane hit Triple H with a military press slam and won.

Match 3. Big Show vs. Mark Henry
I interfered with Randy Orton and attacked Mark Henry. Orton connected with 3 consecutive RKOs and Show got the win,

Main Event. Antonio Cesaro vs. John Cena
Cesaro landed a back suplex and a clothesline in the early going. Cena connected with an AA in less than 5 minutes. Cesaro kicked out and drove his shoulder into the stomach of Cena. Cesaro continued as he landed the Neutralizer. Cena got up and landed a Lou Thesz Press and got the 3 count.

Match 1. James Storm vs. Joey Ryan
I controlled James Storm in order to drop Ryan in the rankings. Storm hit a knee smash. Ryan counted a clothesline into an armbar. Storm fought back with a backstabber and the Last Call superkick. Storm grabbed a sledgehammer to teach the rookie a lesson. After another superkick, Storm won.

Match 2. Sting and Abyss vs. MCMG
Sting came out of the back alone. No Abyss in sight. About 2 minutes into the match, Abyss ran down and attacked Sting and then went after Alex Shelley. Shelley hit Sting with a backstabber. He then hit a heel kick and a Death Valley Driver. The MCMG hit Sting with Poetry in Motion. Sabin then landed the Future Shock driver to win.

Match 3. Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle
I interfered with Matt Morgan and hit the Carbon Footprint on Jeff Hardy. Angle got the cover and the 3 count.

Main Event. Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray
John Cena was shown sitting in the front row. This match went almost 13 minutes. Ray landed a reverse DDT and went for a pin, but Aries kicked out. Ray continued with a back suplex and a sidewalk slam. A-Double tried making a comeback, but Ray cut it short with another side slam. He went for the Bully Cutter, but Aries blocked it and hit two crucifix drivers to win.

After the match, Cesaro ran down and hit Aries over the head with the WWE Title.

Recap: Morgan is now a heel for siding with Angle.

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