Wednesday, November 28, 2012

January Week 1, Year 6

I did receive WWE 13 for my birthday, but I am playing the Attitude Era in order to unlock all the characters. So, I will do the best I can to finish this Universe before starting my WWE 13 Universe.

As a result, I will be playing a lot of matches to speed it up and to get the stars I want on the card.

Match 1. Jericho and HHH vs. Swagger and Henry
Triple H came to the ring alone. Henry and Swagger tossed Triple H into the ropes and flipped him over their backs. Henry hit a fall away slam. Henry then landed a two-handed chokeslam. Swagger locked him in a full nelson and forced The Game to tap.

After the match, Jericho ran down and checked on Triple H. Henry and Swagger hit both men with chairs.

Match 2. Ryback vs. Chavo
I'll be controlling Ryback. Ryback landed a couple of German suplexes early. After a scoop slam, Ryback went for his clothesline, but Chavo blocked it. Ryback connected with a tornado DDT from the second rope. He then hit Shell Shocked and forced Chavo to tap from a camel clutch.

After the match, Ryback grabbed a chair and hit Chavo two times.

Match 3. Kane vs. Cesaro
I like this matchup a lot. Sandow walked down with a chair. Cesaro connected with the Neutralizer. The match spilled to the outside where Cesaro hit a side slam and another Neutralizer. They made it back into the ring and Kane took control. He hit a suplex and a sidewalk slam. Kane reversed a Russian leg sweep into a face buster and won.

Main Event. Justin Gabriel vs. Big Show
I'll be controlling Big Show. Gabriel was able to reverse a couple of Show's moves early. After a huge knife-edge chop in the corner, Show landed the Final Cut and the knockout punch to win.

Match 1. James Storm vs. Kurt Angle
I interfered with AJ Styles. Storm accidentally knocked the ref out. Styles ran down and woke the ref as Storm covered Angle for the win.

Match 2. Desmond Wolfe vs. Bobby Roode
Wolfe was walking to the ring when Roode came out from under the ring and attacked Wolfe. The made it into the ring and the bell rang. Wolfe decided not to bother and walked up the ramp. After getting back into the ring, Roode connected with a heel kick and almost won. Roode finished the match with Pay Off and the 3 count.

Match 3. Creed and Lethal vs. Kaz and Daniels
I'm controlling the team of Creed and Lethal. Creed and Lethal worked over Daniels are a few minutes. Lethal landed a huge German suplex pin, but Kaz broke it up. Creed landed a diving elbow and busted Daniels open with some right hands. Kaz came in and hit Lethal with the Wave of the Future. Creed connected with some right hands and hit Kaz with a fireman's carry cutter to win.

Main Event. Bully Ray vs. ???
Who is Ray's opponent? Jeff Hardy! Jeff is close to returning! Jeff was giving Ray a beating. He landed the Twist of Fate. Ray came back and hit a huge powerbomb. He then hit a side slam and the Bully Cutter. Jeff went for a full nelson, but Ray flipped him over his shoulder and got the 3 count. Very underwhelming.

Recap: Swagger has aligned himself with Henry and Big Show. This could be dangerous. Jeff should be back next week. 

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