Friday, November 23, 2012

December Week 3, Year 5

This week is the finals of the WWE tag tournament. The rest of the PPVs from here on out are split shows - 3 TNA and 3 WWE matches.

Match 1. Big Show and Mark Henry vs. The Usos
The winning team will face Kane and Bryan at TLC. The Usos landed a back breaker/diving elbow combo on Henry. Henry fought back and hit Jimmy with a two-handed chokeslam. Jimmy hit Show with a running butt bump in the corner. Jey came in and somehow hit Henry with the Alley-Us. Show broke up the pin and hit a spear and WMD to win.

After the match, Sandow and Del Rio attacked Henry and Show.

Match 2. CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett
Wade hit a scoop slam and a spinning side slam on Punk. He then hit Wasteland, but Punk kicked out. It was now Punk's turn on offense as he hit a back breaker at the GTS. He then landed a German suplex, but the ref was down. Barrett went for a clothesline, but Punk caught him in a roll-up and won.

Match 3. Ryback vs. Ted DiBiase
This looks like it can be a squash match. Ryback lifted Ted on his shoulders, but it was reversed into an inverse DDT. Ted then connected with a DDT. Ted left the ring to catch his breath, but when he got back in he received a jaw breaker and a clothesline. Ryback then hit Shell Shocked for the win.

After the match, Ryback was celebrating when Hernandez and Chavo appeared on stage.

Main Event. Swagger and Triple H vs. Sheamus and Jericho
This is a tag match between the champs and the challengers. Swagger hit Sheamus with a Swagger bomb in his corner. Jericho came in and connected with a bulldog and heel kick. He then locked in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho and Sheamus landed tag moves on both Swagger and Triple H. Triple H landed a Pedigree on Sheamus and won.

Match 1. Lethal and Williams vs. Creed and Zema Ion
This is a tornado tag match. Williams hit Zema with a northern lights suplex and Lethal hit Creed with a back suplex. Lethan then hit Creed with a full nelson German suplex. Petey landed the Canadian Destroyer on Zema. Petey connected with a Codebreaker on Creed. He then hit him with another Canadian Destroyer to win.

Match 2. Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode
I controlled Jeff Hardy during this match. Roode came out and introduced Desmond Wolfe as Jeff's new opponent. Wolfe landed a German suplex on Jeff, but Hardy got right up and connected with a neck breaker. After getting up from a DDT, Jeff flipped Wolfe over his head. Jeff went for the Twist of Fate, but it was reversed. Jeff landed another neck breaker then climbed the ropes for a Swanton Bomb and won.

After the match, Roode came in and began arguing with Wolfe.

Match 3. Gunner and Kid Kash vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez
Good to see the tag champs on Impact. Hernandez lifted Kash on his shoulder and landed a back breaker. Kash and Gunner kept Chavo away from his corner with a couple of tag moves. Kash then landed a brainbuster. Hernandez connected with the Border Toss for the win.

Main Event. Austin Aries vs. RVD
I am controlling Aries in this match. RVD got the upperhand early with a bulldog and heel kick. Aries left the ring and grabbed a sledgehammer. He hit RVD a few times. Aries went for the Horns of Aries, but RVD reversed it. Aires then brought in the steps as well. Aries busted RVD open with a shot to face with the steps. He lifted RVD up and landed a double underhook spine buster. After getting a two count, Aries locked RVD in a camel clutch and won.

After the match, RVD was taken away on a stretcher.

Recap: I like the Universe building a tag feud, but both teams are heels. Dammit, why did TNA stars have to appear on Raw? Oops, maybe hitting RVD with the steps multiple times wasn't a good idea.

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