Thursday, November 29, 2012


Get ready for some surprises during the Rumble.

Match 1. Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion   X-Division Championship
Lethal and Dutt hit Ion with a flipping back breaker. Dutt then landed a tornado DDT. Dutt then climbed the ropes and attempted a flipping double stomp on Ion. Lethal connected with a dropkick and forced Dutt to miss and all three men laid on the mat. Ion planted Lethal with a DDT and won the title while Dutt was on the  outside.

Match 2. Miz vs. Christian   Intercontinental Championship
Miz landed a vicious DDT and then hit the Skull Crushing Finale about a minute later. Christian kicked out and hit Miz with a tornado DDT in the corner. He then landed the Killswitch. Miz kicked out but Christian continued. He landed a front suplex and got the win.

Match 3. Hell No vs. Henry and Big Show   WWE Tag Team Championship
Show hit Kane with a Final Cut. He then went for a Showstopper, but Kane reversed it and hit his own chokeslam. Kane and Bryan kept Show away from his corner. Bryan put Show in the No Lock. About three minutes later, Bryan locked in the No Lock again. Show hit Bryan with a powerbomb and got the win.

Match 4. Jack Swagger vs. John Cena   WWE Championship
This was only a seven-plus minute match. It felt longer. Cena was knocked to the outside. When he got back in the ring, he hit Swagger with an AA. Swagger got up and connected with a gutwrench powerbomb. After kicking out of a couple of pins, Cena landed a spin-out powerbomb. He then landed a belly-to-belly and the Throwback face buster to win.

Match 5. Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries   TNA World Championship
Aries landed a huge t-bone suplex. Roode came back with the Pay Off, but Aries kicked out. After a German suplex, Roode locked Aries in a crossface. Aries brought in a chair and kicked the chair into Roode's face. He then lifted Roode up for a falling chokebomb. Aries got the 3 count with his feet on the middle rope.

After the match, Alex Shelley and Sting celebrated with Aries.

Main Event. 30 Man Royal Rumble Match
The first two superstars were Wade Barrett and Alex Shelley. Shelley landed a hip toss and quickly tried eliminated Barrett and succeeded. Number 3 was Triple H. Triple H landed some right hands, but Alex got up. Shelley threw Triple H over the ropes and eliminated him. Shelley is on fire. Number 4 was Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler threw Shelley into the corner and sent him flying to the floor. Number 5 was Devon. He took his time getting to the ring. Devon landed a couple of short-arm clotheslines. Number 6 was AJ Styles. Devon and Ziggler battled against the ropes. After a clothesline, Devon kicked Ziggler off the apron. Number 7 was Tensai. Devon landed a High Cross on Stylex. He then sent Styles into the ropes, but Tensai broke it up. Number 8 was Antonio Cesaro. Styles eliminated Tensai. Styles and Cesaro teamed up and eliminated Devon. Cesaro didn't waste any time as he eliminated Styles. Number 9 was Bully Ray. Ray connected with a couple of right hands and flipped Cesaro over the ropes and kicked him off the apron. Number 10 was Kurt Angle. Angle punched Ray in the gut and landed a knife-edge chop. Angle flipped Ray over to the mat.

Number 11 was Sin Cara. Cara came out swinging and landed a couple of kicks. Angle landed a German suplex. Number 12 was Kofi Kingston. Kofi and Cara attacked Angle. Number 13 was Randy Orton. He went right after Kofi. He almost eliminated him, but Kofi held on. Number 14 was Rey Mysterio. Let's see if he and Sin Cara can work together. Cara landed a diving elbow on Angle. Rey saved Cara from Kofi. Number 15 was Sheamus. Angle was eliminated by Orton. Rey eliminated Kofi. Cara landed a huge dropkick on Orton. Rey went after Cara. Sheamus eliminated Orton. Sheamus landed a belly-to-belly on Cara. Number 16 was Matt Morgan. Rey dropkicked Cara out of the ring. Number 17 was R-Truth. Sheamus and Rey hit Morgan with a double dropkick. Number 18 was Eric Young. He went after Rey but it backfired. Sheamus hit Young with the High Cross. Number 19 was Samoa Joe. The ring is full with six stars. Not anymore as Morgan and Truth eliminated Rey. Young dropkicked Morgan over the ropes, but he held on. Number 20 was Ted DiBiase. Sheamus eliminated Young. Truth went after Sheamus, but was interrupted by Morgan.

Number 21 was Mr. Anderson. Joe punched Morgan off of the apron to the floor. Anderson was double teamed by Truth and Joe. Sheamus eliminated Ted. Truth went to eliminate Joe, but it was blocked. Number 22 was D'Angelo Dinero. The Pope raced to the ring. Anderson eliminated Sheamus. Good show by the Irish star. Truth eliminated Joe. Number 23 was Abyss. Pope kicked Anderson off of the apron. Number 24 was RVD. He was immediately met by Abyss. RVD almost eliminated Abyss. Number 25 was Rob Terry. He and Truth went at it in the corner. Abyss and Terry teamed up and eliminated Truth. Number 26 was Crimson. Abyss hit Terry with a pump handle slam. RVD hit Crimson with a couple of heel kicks and tried for the elimination. Crimson hit Abyss with a huge German suplex. Number 27 was Chris Sabin. RVD almost eliminated Crimson. Crimson returned the favor and succeeded.Crimson hit Terry with a two-hand chokeslam. Abyss tossed Pope out of the ring. Number 28 was Cody Rhodes. Abyss hit Terry with Shock Treatment. Number 29 was CM Punk. My surprise entrant is the last man. Who could it be? Punk and Sabin went at it as they traded kicks. Rhodes hit Abyss with a couple of clotheslines. Punk hit Rhodes with the GTS. Abyss eliminated Crimson. Terry eliminated Rhodes. Abyss hit Punk with the Black Hole Slam. Sabin kicked Terry out of the match. Number 30 was...Brock Lesnar! The Next Big Thing is back! Abyss and Punk almost eliminated Sabin. Lesnar finally made into the ring and went after Abyss. He landed a back suplex. Sabin went after Lesnar and landed a couple of big kicks to his head. Abyss eliminated Punk. Lesnar flipped Sabin out of the ring. The last two are Abyss and Lesnar. Abyss shoved Lesnar against the ropes and eliminated him. Abyss won!

Recap: John Cena is back on top. Talk about controversy for the TNA title. This should be interesting. All five titles changed hands tonight. Not too happy about the Rumble winner, but it was an exciting match.

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