Monday, November 19, 2012

November Week 3, Year 5

Survivor Series is this Sunday. I'm trying to get as close as I can to WrestleMania before I get WWE 13.

Match 1. Big Show and Mark Henry vs. Samdow and Alberto Del Rio
Will Henry show up this week? Henry and Show were walking down the ramp when Sandow and Del Rio attacked them from behind. Del Rio connected with his heel kick. Henry and Show double teamed Alberto. Show came in, but Del Rio locked him in the cross armbreaker. Sandow came in and received a double elbow smash. Show hit him with the Showstopper and won.

After the match, Henry and Show shook hands and celebrated.

Match 2. Jack Swagger vs. Triple H
Swagger was in control of the World Champion. Swagger hit the gutwrench powerbomb. Triple H came back with a knee smash and spine buster. He went for the Pedigree, but Swagger reversed it and hit another gutwrench. Triple H hit a back breaker. He was landing right hands, but Swagger caught him in a roll-up and won.

Match 3. Jericho vs. Ziggler
Jericho drove his knee into the gut of Ziggler and landed a heel kick. He then hit Ziggler with a back breaker. Cesaro ran down and went after Jericho. Orton slowly walked down with a chair, but didn't enter the ring. Jericho dropped Ziggler to his back and forced him to tap from the Walls of Jericho.

Main Event. The Rock vs. CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman
Triple H walked down at sat next to the announcers. Heyman jumped on the apron, but Rock punched him off. Punk then took advantage. He landed the running knee/bulldog combo. He then connected with a couple of suplexes. Punk went for two pins, but Rock kicked out of both. Rock then hit the Rock Bottom. He went for a second one, but Punk blocked hit and locked in the Anaconda Vice to win.

Match 1. James Storm vs. Robert Roode
Storm landed a Death Valley Driver, but Roode got right up. Roode hit a jumping neck breaker from the second rope. Rob Terry ran down and hit Storm with the Freakbuster. Jeff then ran down to even the odds. Roode locked in the crossface and forced Storm to tap out.

Match 2. Ladder - Petey Williams vs. Sonjay vs. Zema Ion vs. Styles   #1 Contender's Match
The winner will face Jay Lethal for the X Division Title. Two ladders were immediately brought into the ring. Sonjay busted Styles open with a face buster. Styles planted Williams on his head with a float-over DDT. Petey and Ion climbed the ladder, but Styles knocked them off. Williams got back up and climbed it again. He was able to pull down the briefcase to win.

Match 3. Rob Terry vs. Jeff Hardy
Hardy was walking to the ring when Terry came out from under it and attacked Jeff. Terry landed a chokeslam, but continued attacking Jeff. He then landed a torture rack and a front slam before getting the 3 count.

After the match, Terry left the ring and grabbed a chair. He was about to shatter Jeff's ankle when Desmond Wolfe ran down and made the save.

Main Event. Austin Aries vs. ???
Aries' mystery opponent was...Paul Heyman? Yepp, Paul E. Dangerously was in the ring with TNA's champion. Aries landed a pump handle slam. He then tossed Heyman over his head. He connected with a running knee and bulldog and finished with a two-arm spine buster to win.

After the match, John Cena attacked Aries with a lead pipe.

Recap: Henry and Show? This team could dominate the tag division. Why did John Cena attack Aries?

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