Thursday, November 8, 2012

September Week 1, Year 5

Match 1. Cesaro and Ziggler vs. The Rock and Triple H
Before the match, Triple H and Rock were arguing about who would start. Rock and Triple H landed a double Russian leg sweep on Ziggler. Rock then landed his spine buster. Ziggler got up and locked Rock in the sleeper hold. Cesaro came in and chokeslammed Rock and then hit the Neutralizer to win.

After the match, Triple H walked out on The Rock

Match 2. CM Punk vs. Ryback
Punk connected with the GTS fairly early. Ryback kicked out and took the offensive. He lifted Punk up and hit him with Shell Shock. Ryback then hit a couple of running dropkicks. Punk recovered and landed a running knee in the corner then got the 3 count.

Match 3. Big Show and Lesnar vs. Orton and Barrett
Orton drove his knee across the face of Big Show. Barrett hit Show with Wasteland, but Show kicked out. Lesnar came in and hit Barrett with a military press and a fall away slam. Barrett recovered and hit Lesnar with Wasteland as well. A few minutes later, Lesnar hit Barrett with an F5 and won.

Main Event. Undertaker vs. John Cena
This is the 3rd week in a row these two have faced. Austin Aries decided to show up and sit next to the announcers. Taker landed back-to-back chokeslams at the 1:27 mark. Cena landed the AA but Taker kicked out. Cena landed another AA about 30 seconds later. Taker got up and hit the Last Ride. Cena connected with his THIRD AA to win.

After the match, a WWE official checked on The Undertaker.

Match 1. Dinero vs. Anderson vs. RVD vs. Devon vs. Crimson vs. Abyss
This is a 6-man elimination match. A superstar is eliminated by pin or submission. RVD went for a 5-star Frog Splash, but Kennedy put his knees up. Abyss landed a chokeslam and powerbomb on The Pope. Kennedy eliminated Devon after a Mic Check. RVD eliminated Abyss soon after with a northern lights suplex. Kennedy scored his second elimination on Crimson. RVD landed back-to-back frog splashes on Kenendy and The Pope to win.

Match 2. Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode
Rob Terry walked down and stood in the corner of Roode. Roode landed a diving neck breaker from the second rope. He then locked Jeff in a crossface. Jeff fought back and connected with Whisper in the Wind. Roode was still fighting as he hit the Pay Off suplex to win.

After the match, Terry grabbed a chair and gave it to Roode. Roode went to hit Jeff but James Storm ran down and saved Jeff.

Match 3. James Storm vs. Kurt Angle
I interfered with AJ Styles. Will he betray the fans like his partner did? Styles went for the Styles Clash on Angle, but he reversed it. Storm landed the Eye of the Storm and picked up the win.

Main Event. Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries
About 30 seconds into the match, Aries left the ring. Bully Ray followed him and the two battled outside the ring. They made it back in at the count of 5. Ray landed a huge hip toss and spin-out slam. He then landed the Bully Bomb a few minutes later. Aries came back with a huge tiger suplex. Ray landed another hip toss and won.

After the match, Aries raised Ray's arm in victory.

Recap: Taker is injured and will be taking some time off. Looks like it'll be Jeff/Storm vs. Roode/Terry. I like where TNA is heading. Aries is now a face, again.

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