Sunday, November 11, 2012


This PPV is going to be full of surprises.

Match 1. Ladder - Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams vs. Zema Ion vs. Creed   X-Division Championship
Zema and Creed left the ring and each grabbed a ladder and set it up in the ring. Lethal hit Creed with a jumping gut buster. Petey climbed the ladder, but Lethal knocked him down. Lethal and Williams fell off the ladder, but Lethal hit Creed with a Lethal Combination. Creed climbed the ladder, but Lethal knocked him off. Lethal is doing everything he can to retain his title. Lethal and Creed climbed the ladder. Lethal punched Creed off which allowed him to pull down the title.

Match 2. Ladder - RVD vs. Bully Ray   TNA Television Title
Two title matches, two ladder matches. Only in TNA. RVD took down Bully Ray and almost pulled down the title, but Ray got up in time. Ray landed a powerbomb and an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Both men climbed the ladder. Ray hit RVD with a neck breaker from the top. Ray then hit the Bully Cutter. RVD set up the ladder, but Ray climbed it and pulled down the title while RVD looked on.

Match 3. Extreme Rules - Abyss vs. Sting
This may have been the greatest Extreme Rules match I've seen. There was a table, guitar and chair used early in the match. Abyss landed a chokeslam. Sting busted Abyss open with a guitar shot. Sting then landed a Tombstone on Abyss. After Abyss kicked out, Sting landed the Scorpion Death Drop. Abyss reversed a front slam and landed the Shock Treatment to win.

Match 4. Jersey Shore (Robbie E and Rob Terry) vs. MCMG   TNA Tag Team Championship
Rob Terry and Robbie E landed a double elbow smash on Shelley. Robbie then hit a super kick and the Shore Thing neck breaker. Robbie drove his knee across the face of Shelley and busted him wide open. The Robs hit Shelley with a clothesline/spear combo. Shelley was bleeding all over the ring. Terry landed a huge chokeslam and won.

Match 5. James Storm vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy
The winner will most likely become the #1 Contender for the TNA Title. Angle ran down the ramp and took down Hardy before the bell rang. Angle quickly brought in a chair. These 3 men fought all over the ring, in and out of it. Jeff busted Storm open with a bulldog. Storm returned the favor with a face buster. Storm hit Angle with a backstabber. Angle got up and hit Jeff with an Angle Slam. Jeff got up and hit him with a Twist of Fate and won.

Main Event. Hell in a Cell - Austin Aries vs. ???   TNA World Championship
Austin Aries has issued ad open challenge since he has defeated everyone on the TNA roster. The challenge was answered by...Nigel McGuinness! Before the match began, Cesaro took a seat next to the announcers. Aries connected with a running knee and bulldog in the corner. After a suplex, Aries went for a diving leg drop, but Nigel moved. He then landed a rolling fireman's carry. Aries reversed an Irish whip and hit McGuinness with a swinging neck breaker to win.

After the match, Nigel raised Aries' arm in celebration.

Recap: Aries has defeated Jeff Hardy, Robert Roode, James Storm and now Nigel McGuinness. Who is next for the Greatest Man that Ever Lived?

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