Saturday, July 7, 2012

August Week 1, Year 3

Smackdown has 5 superstars on injured reserve. Chavo and Rey have been out since the end of May. 

Match 1. Austin vs. Triple H
During the match, Kane's music hit and out he came. Triple H hit Austin with a Pedigree. Kane broke up Triple H's pin. Austin tried to come back but The Game had all the momentum. He landed a neck breaker and finished him with some right hands.

Match 2. Matt Hardy vs. Booker T
Booker was waiting in the ring, but Matt attacked him from behind. Booker recovered nicely as he hit Matt with the Bookend. Matt reversed a spine buster into a DDT. He then hit the Twist of Fate from the top rope and won.

After the match, Hardy grabbed a chair and went to snap Booker's ankle when he was interrupted by Scott Steiner.

Match 3. Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels
Goldberg ran down to the ring and hit the Jackhammer on Flair. However, Flair was able to get up and continue fighting. He went for a suplex, but HBK countered it and hit Sweet Chin Music. Michaels then hit a float-over DDT which busted Flair open. After a snap suplex, Flair pinned Michaels to win.

After the match, Michaels was taken away on a stretcher.

Main Event. Goldberg vs. Orton
Jericho interfered early in the match. Goldberg hit Orton with an uppercut. Orton fought back and hit an Angle Slam-type move. He pounded the mat and landed the RKO. Orton was on a tear, but Goldberg tripped him up and won after a neck breaker and pin combination. 

Match 1. Edge vs. Rhino
This is a non-title match. After defeating the WWE Champ, Rhino wanted to take out the US Champ. He hit a vicious spine buster and then the Gore. Edge fought back and hit a couple of suplexes. Rhino stopped Edge with a low blow. He then connected with another spine buster and Gore to win.

Match 2. Eddie vs. JBL
Taker was seated at ringside. JBL hit Eddie with his powerbomb. He then went for the Clothesline from Hell but Eddie blocked it and hit a brainbuster. Eddie then hit a couple of DDTs. He hit another brainbuster and pinned JBL for the win.

Match 3. Undertaker vs. A-Train
The ref rang the bell and Taker went to clothesline A-Train but he ducked and Taker took out the ref. They went back and forth, landing power moves on each other. Taker hit the Last Ride about 5 minutes into the match. He then hit the Tombstone to end it.

Main Event. John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. Hulk Hogan  #1 Contender's match
The winner will most likely take on Taker at SummerSlam. Hogan may not be in this match if there weren't so many injuries. This triple threat went almost 15 minutes. Cena busted Hogan open with a facebuster. Angle then hit Cena with an Angle Slam. Hogan took out Cena and Angle hit Hogan with a pinning German suplex to win.

After the match, Angle went to attack Hogan with a chair when Big Show's music hit. He ran down and saved Hogan.

Recap: Michaels is officially injured, too. Good to see Big Show back, but Smackdown needs some more guys to return soon.

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