Friday, July 27, 2012

November Week 4, Year 3

Survivor Series was a great success. Now the build towards Vengeance begins. 

Match 1. Hardys vs. Batista and Flair
Batista and Flair isolated Jeff from Matt. Batista speared Jeff. The Hardys double teamed Batista on the outside. Jeff gave him the Twist of Fate. Batista returned the favor by hitting a Batista Bomb. Flair came in, hit Jeff with a Russian leg sweep and got the win.

Match 2. The Rock vs. Triple H
Rock choked HHH in the corner. He pulled him out and hit the spine buster. Goldberg interfered and hit the Jackhammer on The Game. Rock then hit the Rock Bottom and won.

Match 3. Jericho vs. Chavo and Shelton
Chavo's been all over since returning. I hope he doesn't get injured again. Jericho hit Chavo with a suplex, but Shelton came in and took control. They used frequent tags to wear down Jericho. Shelton landed a fancy face buster then hit Paydirt to knock him out.

Main Event. Steiner vs. Mark Henry
It was announced that the match is now falls count anywhere. Steiner took control of the big man and hit a string of suplexes. After throwing Henry into the steps, he landed another belly-to-belly. Henry returned the favor with a torture rack. The match ended after another belly-to-belly from Steiner.

Match 1. Edge vs. Bubba
Edge landed a couple of suplexes on Bubba. John Cena interfered and distracted the ref from counting for Edge. Cena was eventually ejected from ringside. Edge went back on offense, but the distraction hurt. Bubba gained momentum and won with the Bubba Cutter.

Match 2. Michaels vs. Stone Cold
These two know each other so well. Michaels hit Austin with the Sweet Chin Music. Austin went for a Stunner about a minute later, but HBK blocked it. He then turned around and hit another SCM. Austin kicked out and Michaels went back on the offensive. After an elbow drop, HBK got the win.

After the match, Triple H came in and celebrated with Michaels.

Match 3. Mr. Kennedy vs. JBL
Both men were fighting in the corner. Kennedy came out and hit a Mic Check. JBL kicked out and Kennedy landed a float-over DDT. JBL got very little offense in. After a rolling senton, Kennedy landed a second Mic Check to win.

Main Event. John Cena vs. Undertaker
This is now a falls count anywhere match. Taker went for a clothesline, but Cena ducked and took down Taker. Taker got up and hit a back breaker and then a chokeslam. Cena fought back and landed the AA. Taker kicked out so Cena went back on offense. After a flipping face buster, Cena got the 3 count.

Recap: Shelton has aligned himself with Chavo.

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