Thursday, July 12, 2012

August Week 3, Year 3

SummerSlam was pretty good. I just had to make the card what I wanted it to be. The AI always books the worst PPV cards.

Match 1. Evolution vs. Kane and RVD  World Tag Titles
Because Kane won the handicap match last week, he and RVD will get a title shot. RVD tagged in Kane three times and all three times Kane immediately tagged out. After missing many weeks, Kane and RVD look like they haven't missed a beat. RVD set Flair in the corner and Kane went coast to coast. Kane hit Flair with a chokeslam. After hitting a leg drop on The Game, Kane pinned him to win the belts.

Match 2. Jericho vs. Orton w/ Batista
Jericho was in the ring. Orton ran down and jumped on top of Jericho before the bell even rang. Orton hit a knee smash then landed the RKO. Jericho attempted a comeback but Orton halted it. He hit another knee smash and a second RKO. He then locked Jericho in a rear naked choke to make him tap.

After the match, Batista grabbed a chair and hit Jericho multiple times.

Match 3. The Rock vs. Stone Cold
Austin and Rock traded right hands. Austin gained the upper hand as he landed a Lou Thesz Press. Christian interfered and hit Austin with a Killswitch. Rock took advantage and landed a Rock Bottom. Austin kicked out and Rock continued the beating. He hit a DDT and a shoulder breaker before hitting another Rock Bottom to win.

Main Event. Goldberg vs. Mark Henry
This 8-minute match was back and forth the whole time. Henry lifted Goldberg up for a military press. He then landed the World's Strongest Slam. Goldberg recovered and hit his own military press. He then went on a tear, landed a spine buster and a huge slam before ending it with the Jackhammer to win.

After the match, Henry was taken away on a stretcher.

Match 1. Matt Morgan vs. Kurt Angle
Morgan was brought in by Big Show to take out Angle. Angle wasn't afraid of Morgan. He landed a huge German suplex. Morgan brought in a chair and hit Angle a couple of times before hitting a fireman's carry face buster. He went for the bicycle kick but Angle ducked and hit the Angle Slam. Morgan fought back and hit a spine buster. He then was able to hit the running bicycle kick to win.

Match 2. Cena and Edge vs. Rhino and JBL
All four men were going in and out of the ring. JBL hit Cena with a thunderous clothesline and almost won. Cena responded with an AA on JBL. Rhino and Edge were going at it. Rhino took down Edge with a clothesline. JBL was tagged in and hit the Clothesline from Hell. JBL caught Edge and hit him with a double underhook German suplex for the win.

Match 3. Eddie vs. Rey
Before the match began, Vince McMahon came out and took a seat at ringside. What is the boss doing out here? Eddie was going 100 MPH during this match. He planted Rey's head into the mat with a DDT. He then hit a moonsault from the apron. After the Three Amigos, Eddie hit a brainbuster to win.

After the match, Eddie left the ring as Goldberg came in. Eddie turned around and saved Rey.

Main Event. Taker vs. A-Train
Angle attacked A-Train from behind as he was walking down the ramp. Train lifted Taker up for a two-hand chokeslam and got a 2 count. He hit another two-hand chokeslam two minutes later, but Taker sat right up. He lifted A-Train up for a Tombstone and won.

After the match, A-Train low blowed Taker after he faked a leg injury.

Recap: Cena is apparently heel. I don't know what he did to turn. 

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