Sunday, July 29, 2012

December Week 2, Year 3

JBL, Taker, Angle and Kennedy are the top contenders for Cena's title with Edge and HBK not far behind.

Match 1. RVD vs. Lesnar vs. Triple H vs. The Rock
Triple H seems to be getting back on track. The Game hit Lesnar with his spine buster. He went for the Pedigree, but Lesnar reversed it and landed the F5. RVD brought a garbage can into the ring. Rock hit Lesnar with a spine buster of his own. Rock hit RVD with the Rock Bottom as HHH hit Lesnar with a sledgehammer and won.

Match 2. Jeff vs. Jericho
Jericho put Jeff in the Walls of Jericho at about 4 minutes. Jeff broke out and hit Jericho with the Whisper in the Wind. He then went for the Twist of Fate, but Jericho blocked it and hit the Codebreaker. Jeff hit a heel kick and a drop kick to the side of Jericho's head. Jericho caught Jeff in a roll-up and won.

Match 3. Regal vs. MVP
Regal landed a tigerbomb on MVP. A few minutes later, MVP connected the Playmaker. Out of nowhere, Regal hit the Power of the Punch, but MVP immediately left the ring. MVP hit a high-angle suplex and pinned Regal for the win.

After the match, Angle and Mr. McMahon were at the top of the ramp, slowly clapping for MVP.

Main Event. Steiner vs. Ric Flair Batista
Flair came out and introduced Batista as his replacement. Batista hit a spine buster then the Batista Bomb. Steiner wasn't staying down so Batista landed a vicious back breaker. After a two-hand chokeslam, Batista speared Steiner. He then locked Steiner in a full nelson lock and won.

After the match, Batista was about to leave the ring, but he continued stomping on Steiner.

Match 1. Undertaker vs. JBL
Taker was sending JBL a message with a chokeslam then a Last Ride. He then hit a Tombstone but Bradshaw was able to kick out. He picked JBL up and landed an STO. After some elbows to the head, Taker got the 3 count.

Match 2. Morgan w/ Show vs. Miz w/ Morrison
Miz went for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Morgan blocked it and hit the running bicycle kick. Morrison and Show were fighting at ringside. After a kick to the gut, Miz landed the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz landed a DDT, but Morgan got up, landed a side slam and won.

Match 3. Kennedy vs. Angle, Bubba and Rhino. 
The third man was Rhino. Kennedy and Bubba started the match. Bubba landed a pile driver. Angle came in and received a neck breaker from Kennedy. Kennedy landed the rolling senton and a Mic Check to knock out Angle.

Main Event. John Cena vs. Edge
Steiner attacked Edge while he was walking down to the ring. Cena hit the AA on Edge about 2 minutes into the match. Edge fought back and hit the Edge-o-matic. Cena went back on offense and hit the Throwback face buster. He then took Edge down with a snapmare and won.

After the match, Steiner hit Cena with the World Title. 

Recap: Steiner turned on Cena, apparently.

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