Monday, July 23, 2012

NO MERCY, Year 3

The AI-made card was horrible. I did like the idea of the inter-brand matches.

Match 1. Raw vs. SD - Christian and Jericho vs. Too Cool
This is the first of two interbrand matches. Jericho connected with a heel kick on Rikishi. Christian then came in and landed the Killswitch. Rikishi was finally able to tag in Scotty. He landed a spinning DDT on Christian. Scotty then went for a back body drop, but Christian reversed it into a roll-up and won.

Match 2. Morgan and Show vs. The Dudleyz  WWE Tag Team Championship
Can the Dudleyz regain the tag titles? D-Von landed an inverted DDT on Morgan. A few minutes later, he landed a Bubba Cutter. The Dudleyz continued the attack on Morgan. It was now Bubba's turn to beat down the rookie. He landed a Death Valley Driver and a back suplex. After a clothesline, Bubba got the pinfall.

Match 3. William Regal vs. Shelton Benjamin  Intercontinental Championship
Regal won the title two weeks ago. He is now defending against the recently returning Shelton Benjamin. Regal landed a tiger suplex and reversed a suplex into a neck breaker. He continued the beating with a German suplex and a Power of the Punch to retain the belt.

Match 4. Steel Cage - Undertaker vs. Edge  WWE Championship
The Deadman and the Rated-R Superstar traded blows in the early going. Edge gained some momentum and hit the Edge-o-matic. He then hit the spear and pinned Taker. Undertaker kicked out at 2 and he began his offense. He landed the Last Ride and Tombstone to retain the title.

Match 5. Raw vs. SD Last Man Standing - Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
With the history between these two, it was only fitting to have this stipulation. Four minutes into the match and Shawn Michaels connected with Sweet Chin Music. Triple H was able to get up and get some offense in. He landed a swinging neck breaker and his signature spine buster. Somehow, HBK hit another SCM. This time, The Game was unable to get up.

After the match, Triple H raised his best friend's arm in celebration.

Main Event. Scott Steiner vs. Mark Henry  World Heavyweight Championship
Henry hit some right hands across the face of Steiner which busted him open. Steiner wasn't fazed as he landed a side belly-to-belly and an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Henry brought a chair into the ring to try to weaken the champ. Steiner lifted Henry over his head and dropped him. He hit another overhead belly-to-belly and won.

After the match, Batista and Triple H entered the ring. Instead of attacking him, they celebrated with the champ.

Recap: The Dudleyz are once again champs. I'm happy with the two main champs retaining. Triple H and Batista are now faces, leaving Orton and Flair as heels. I'm curious to see why Evolution celebrated with Steiner.

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