Sunday, July 22, 2012

October Week 3, Year 3

No Mercy is just six days away.

Match 1. Hogan vs. Jericho
The first of Raw's two new superstars kicks off Raw. Hogan drove his knee into Jericho's face and then hit some right hands which busted Jericho open. Benoit ran down and received some punches from Hogan. This allowed Jericho to mount some offense. It ended with a heel kick and a Codebreaker.

Match 2. Lesnar vs. Triple H
The second of Raw's picks takes on the Cerebral Assassin. Show attacked Lesnar as he was walking to the ring. Triple H left the ring and wanted to grab a chair. Lesnar followed and they continued fighting. They made it back in and Lesnar connected with an F5. He went for another slam, but Triple H reversed it and scored the win.

After the match, Batista and Flair joined Triple H in stomping on Lesnar. Flair grabbed a chair and handed it to HHH. He then hit Lesnar multiple times.

Match 3. Jeff and Steiner vs. Orton and ???
Orton's partner is The Rock! WOW! It's about time Rocky has been a part of a storyline. Rock and Orton double teamed Steiner outside the ring. Jeff then hit Rock with a Twist of Fate. Steiner hit a German suplex and a military press on Orton. After a back suplex, Steiner pinned Rock to win.

Main Event. Henry vs. Regal  #1 Contender's Match
Jericho interfered in the match and went after Henry. Regal won the original match, but it was restarted as a submission match. Can the IC Champ become the challenger for the World Title? Does Henry have a submission move? Henry made Regal tap with a bearhug.

Match 1. Eddie vs. Morrison
Eddie was beating down JoMo. After a two-count, Morrison got up and hit Moonlight Drive. A few moments later, Eddie landed the Three Amigos. He then hit the brainbuster. Eddie went for a suplex, but JoMo blocked it and hit one of his own. He then landed a swinging DDT. Morrison went to the top and landed a moonsault to win.

Match 2. Michaels vs. JBL
It feels weird seeing HBK's name under the Smackdown heading. JBL wanted to have HBK start on the wrong foot. He landed a fall away slam and a Clothesline from Hell. JBL continued the attack with a powerbomb. He went for another clothesline, but Michaels blocked it and hit the Sweet Chin Music. JBL got up and was able to hit a second clothesline. HBK hit a fisherman's suplex and won.

Match 3. Morgan vs. Bubba
Morgan won this match last week. Can Bubba win and save the falling Dudleyz? Bubba landed a back suplex and a military press slam. There were weapons being used all over the ring. There was a table, crutch and a garbage can. Bubba landed his Death Valley Driver. Bubba hit Morgan with the steps and he began bleeding. They went back into the ring where Bubba landed a Bubba Cutter to win.

Main Event. Taker vs. Stone Cold vs. A-Train vs. Big Show
Can Austin win his first match on the "B-show"? A-Train hit the Derailer on Show, but got a 2 count. Taker landed the Tombstone on Big Show. Show hit Austin with a fall away slam. Taker hit another Tombstone, this time on Austin and won.

After the match, JBL attacked Taker from behind.

Recap: JBL has attacked Taker multiple times, yet has not challenged for the WWE Title. 

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