Monday, July 9, 2012


The card was atrocious. I had to change 5 of the matches.

Match 1. Chris Jericho vs. Booker T  Intercontinental Championship
Booker was in control of Jericho. He landed a high-angle suplex and then connected with a super kick. Jericho countered and hit Booker with a heel kick. Booker recovered and hit the scissors kick. Jericho wouldn't stay down, so Booker hit another super kick and scissors kick to win.

After the match, Jericho was taken away on a stretcher.

Match 2. Edge vs. John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio  United States Championship
This match would not end. The official time was 25:40. That is about 10 minutes too long for me. Anyway, here's how it went down. Edge brought in a chair. Cena hit the AA on both Edge and Rey twice. Edge went to spear Cena, but he went for Rey instead. He then hit Cena with a northern lights suplex to win.

Match 3. Steel Cage - Eddie vs. JBL
I started the match, turned around and then heard the ending bell. It lasted only 53 seconds! Eddie hit a nice DDT. JBL hit the fall away slam early and began climbing. Eddie went after him but was elbowed back down to the match. JBL continued climbing and won.

Match 4. Falls Count Anywhere - Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton
Jeff hit Orton with a couple of slams. He then brought a ladder into the ring. Orton evened the odds by bringing in a chair. Jeff landed the Twist of Fate. Orton went to the outside to look for another weapon. Jeff followed and hit another Twist of Fate and won.

Match 5. Hell in a Cell - Kane vs. The Rock vs. Stone Cold vs. Batista  World Heavyweight Title
Kane is at a huge disadvantage in this match. Christian was seen in the front row holding a ticket. Rock hit his spine buster on Kane. Batista lifted Austin up for a torture rack. Batista then hit Austin with a Batista Bomb. Rock and Austin then went at it while Kane hit Batista with a Tombstone and won. I am actually shocked.

After the match, Austin raised Kane's arm.

Main Event. Inferno - Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle  WWE Championship
Taker beat Angle in a table match on the last Smackdown. Angle got some moves in early, but Taker countered with a hip toss and a DDT. He then went for the Last Ride but Angle reversed it. Angle hit a German suplex but Taker got right up and hit a Tombstone. After a knee to the gut, Taker threw Angle through the ropes and set him on fire.

Recap: Does my Universe have other cutscenes besides the injury angle? It's getting REALLY annoying. The Brothers of Destruction retained their titles.

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