Thursday, July 12, 2012

August Week 4, Year 3

There are now seven superstars injured. This is very annoying.

Match 1. Orton vs. Christian
Christian and Orton fought all over the ring. Christian hit a nice body slam and a suplex. Orton got up and hit a suplex of his own. The two men fought outside in front of the announcers. They made it back at the count of six. Orton then stomped all over Christian's body and finished it with an RKO.

Match 2. Jericho vs. Batista
Orton walked down the ramp and took a seat at ringside. Jericho connected with a huge heel kick to the back of Dave's head. He then hit the Codebreaker. Batista fought back and hit a Batista Bomb in front of Orton. They made it back into the ring where Jericho caught Batista in a roll-up and won.

After the match, Orton and Batista began arguing. Orton walked away.

Match 3. Matt and Jeff vs. Triple H and Flair
The Hardys proved why they are a successful tag team. They kept Flair away from Triple H for a decent amount of time. Triple H eventually came in, but he was victim of the Hardys' double team attacks as well. Matt blocked the Pedigree and hit the Twist of Fate. Triple H got up and hit the Pedigree and won.

Main Event. Goldberg vs. Booker T
Goldberg's last opponent, Henry, is now injured. Will the same happen to Booker? Booker was in control in the early going. He landed a body slam and a back breaker. At the 5-minute mark, Booker landed the scissors kick. Goldberg hit a face buster and busted open Booker. Goldberg had Booker in the corner, but the 5x World Champ broke free and connected with a super kick. Goldberg shook it off and hit the Jackhammer to win.

After the match, Rey and Ted DiBiase attacked Goldberg.

Match 1. Morgan and Show vs. Miz and Morrison
The strength of Show and Morgan was too much for M&M. Show and Morgan kept Morrison away from his corner. They utilized quick tags and power moves to weaken down JoMo.Morgan kicked the back of Morrison's right leg and pinned him to win.

Match 2. Edge vs. Rhino
Edge landed the Edge-o-matic. A couple of minutes later, he speared Rhino from the top and almost won. Rhino recovered and landed the Gore. Rhino then pinned Edge but he kicked out. Edge fought back with a flapjack. He then set up for a spear of his own. He hit Rhino with it and won.

After the match, Rhino was taken away on a stretcher.

Match 3. John Cena vs. Rey vs. A-Train vs. Eddie
The winner will face Edge for the US Title next week. Eddie brought in a ladder and Rey brought in a garbage can. A-Train hit Eddie with a running bicycle kick. Cena landed the AA on Rey. A-Train hit Eddie with the Derailer and won.

After the match, A-Train left the ring but was greeted by the return of Brock Lesnar! Lesnar threw A-Train into the steel steps.

Main Event. Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle
Taker hit Angle with a couple of rights and lefts. He then hit him with a fall away slam. A minute later, Taker landed the Last Ride. He then went for the Tombstone, but Angle countered and hit the Angle Slam. A couple of minutes later, Taker was able to this the Tombstone and won.

After the match, Taker was celebrating but JBL attacked him from behind.

Recap: Lesnar is back. One down, seven more to go. 

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