Thursday, July 26, 2012


The card wasn't half bad. I am keeping some of the matches.

Match 1. Regal vs. Triple H  Intercontinental Championship
It's interesting seeing The Game challenge for the secondary title. Regal broke out of Triple H's sleeper hold and connected with a running knee. He then hit a rolling senton and a tigerbomb. Triple H came back and busted open Regal with a knee smash. He ended the match with a spine buster, Pedigree and a 3 count.

Match 2. RVD and Kane vs. Christian and Jericho  World Tag Team Championship
Because it's Survivor Series, this will be an elimination tag match. C&C kept Kane away from RVD for the first few minutes. Kane pinned Christian after a chokeslam and eliminated him. Jericho was now all alone. RVD was in the ring for a few moments, but Kane was quickly back in. After a second chokeslam, Kane pinned Jericho to retain the titles.

Match 3. Hell in a Cell - Rhino vs. JBL  United States Championship
This was a short HIAC match. Rhino connected with his spine buster after a battle of reversals. After a kick-out, Rhino powerbombed JBL. Bradshaw got up and hit a powerbomb of his own. Rhino reversed the Clothesline from Hell and hit the Gore. JBL went for another clothesline, but Rhino blocked it and won after some right hands.

Match 4. Los Guerreros vs. Miz and Morrison
This is an elimination tag match. These two teams were more evenly match compared to the Raw tag match. Chavo hit Miz with a Gory Bomb. Chavo pinned Miz with a German suplex pin. It was now up to Morrison to defeat the veterans. Eddie put Morrison in a full nelson hold. JoMo quickly tapped.

Match 5. Iron Man - Scott Steiner vs. Booker T  World Heavyweight Championship
The newly-turned heel Steiner defends his title against the fan-favorite Booker. The match spilled to the outside. The ref counted up to 5 before both men ran into the ring. Booker hit the Houston Hangover, shades of his WCW days. He then went for the scissors kick, but Steiner reversed it. He landed the belly-to-belly to score the first point with 8:15 left. Steiner went for another belly-to-belly, but Booker blocked it and hit a super kick. Booker brought in a chair, but it backfired as Steiner DDT'd him on it. Steiner scored his second point after a pinning German suplex. Steiner scored his third point not much later. Booker finally got on the scoreboard after a Bookend, but is it too late? Steiner sealed the deal after another German suplex pin to go up 4-1. Booker scored a second, but unnecessary, point after a super kick. The final was 4-2.

After the match, Miz and Morrison celebrated with Steiner.

Main Event. Inferno - Undertaker vs. John Cena  WWE Championship
Cena gets his title shot since he vacated the belt because of injury. Cena dominated the Deadman early on with a couple of suplexes. He blocked Taker's running clothesline and landed the AA, which brought the temperature to 500 degrees. He then threw Taker through the ropes and set him on fire to win back his belt.

Recap: First Cena, now Miz and Morrison. Steiner is aligning himself with members of both brands. This was a really good PPV. I can't believe this version of my Universe is almost over. I have to think of what Year 4 is going to be.

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