Saturday, July 28, 2012

December Week 1, Year 3

Match 1. MVP vs. Chris Benoit
Tonight, we see the debut of Raw's Most Valuable Player, Montel Vontavious Porter. Benoit landed the Three Amigos outside the ring. MVP hit the Ballin' Elbow and then the Playmaker. Jericho interfered and was waiting to hit MVP with the Codebreaker, but he didn't get his chance. Benoit caught MVP in a roll-up and won.

Match 2. Kane, RVD and Hogan vs. Evolution
Another 6-man tag, another 20-minute match. Evolution was doing their best using tag team moves and isolating one member. Orton hit RVD with a float-over DDT and busted him open. Batista then hit RVD with a Batista Bomb. RVD, somehow, came back and hit a pinning northern lights suplex on Orton to win.

Match 3. Triple H vs. Mark Henry
Henry went for a pin early, but The Game kicked out. Triple H hit a Pedigree, then busted Henry open with some right hands. Henry got up and lifted Triple H up in the air for a two-hand chokeslam. Triple H fought back, hit the spine buster and another Pedigree to win.

After the match, Henry was taken away on a stretcher.

Main Event. Steiner vs. Shelton vs. Booker T
Quicket triple threat ever. Jeff ran down with a chair. He quickly left. Steiner clotheslined Shelton out of the ring. He then hit a northern lights suplex on Booker to win.

Match 1. Edge vs. Chavo
Eddie interfered and hit the Brainbuster on Edge. After Eddie left, Edge was able to hit Chavo with the spear and win.

Match 2. Stone Cold vs. Big Show
In order for Austin to move out from the bottom of the rankings, he's taking on the biggest man on the roster. Big Show just got the win when my power went out. So, I'm going to sim the match in order for me to move on with the rest of the show. Stone Cold won. He got lucky the first match didn't count.

Match 3. Kennedy vs. Bubba
Bubba accidentally took out the ref at the beginning of the match. Bubba attempted multiple pins, but Kennedy kept kicking out. He ended the match with a Bubba Cutter and the 3 count.

After the match, Bubba grabbed a chair to hurt Kennedy more, but Angle ran down and made the save. He then blasted Kennedy over the head.

Main Event. Taker vs. Cena vs. JBL
JBL hit Taker with brass knuckles before the bell rang. There were a couple of chairs and a sledgehammer in the ring. JBL and Taker landed a double chokeslam on Cena. JBL and Cena then went back and forth with right hands. Cena hit JBL with the AA. JBL caught Taker in a roll-up and got the 3 count.

Recap: Here we go with the injuries again. Jeff is now heel. Angle is officially back. About time.

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