Friday, July 20, 2012

October Week 1, Year 3

The Board of Directors have stripped Cena of his title. There will be a 4-man battle royal at Night of Champions to crown a new champ.

Match 1. Evolution vs. RVD and Kane
Orton was stuck in the no man's land as he was double teamed by RVD and Kane. He then received a Tombstone. Batista finally made it in, but he became a victim of Kane's wrath. Kane hit another Tombstone on Orton and won.

Match 2. Steiner vs. Shelton
The match was about to begin when Batista and Orton came down. Steiner turned around and hit a double cross-body on them. Steiner landed his overhead belly-to-belly. Steiner then brought in a chair and punched the chair into Shelton's face. He then hit another belly-to-belly on the outside. After a military press, Steiner pinned Shelton to win.

After the match, Batista and Orton attacked Steiner.

Match 3. Booker T vs. Goldberg
Booker went for the spine buster, but Goldberg reversed it. However, Booker did hit the super kick. Goldberg got up and hit his own spine buster then speared Booker. The Booker Man recovered and hit Goldberg with a back breaker. He then landed the Bookend to win.

After the match, Jericho, Benoit and Regal came out. They eyed down Booker T.

Main Event. Triple H and Flair vs. Michaels and Austin
Flair and Michaels were going at it. HBK landed the Sweet Chin Music. Austin came in and fell victim to Flair's dirty tactics. Michaels was back in the ring, but he was isolated from his partner. Flair landed a DDT and pinned HBK to win.

Match 1. Matt Morgan vs. Brock Lesnar
Big Show ran down to help his partner. Lesnar hit Morgan with an F5. Show hit the WMD on Lesnar. Brock grabbed a chair and began hitting Morgan multiple times. Morgan was able to get up. He went for the running bicycle kick, but Lesnar reversed it. Lesnar then went for another F5 but it was blocked. Morgan attempted his finisher again, but Brock blocked it and hit a second F5. After a running clothesline, Lesnar won.

Match 2. Hogan vs. JBL
JBL was dominating Hogan. He hit the fall away slam. Hogan recovered and landed his own power slam. Bradshaw wasn't fazed by this as he hit another fall away slam on the outside. He then hit Hogan with a chair and busted him open. Hogan went for a big boot, but JBL caught him in a roll-up and won.

After the match, JBL was about to head up the ramp when Rhino appeared at the top. He ran down and threw JBL into the steps.

Match 3. Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle
Taker hit a fall away slam right away. A couple of minutes later, he hit Angle with a Tombstone. Angle attempted a comeback with some chairs, but Taker halted it. The Deadman hit Angle with a running DDT. He then pinned Angle to win.

Main Event. Steel Cage - John Cena vs. Edge
Is Cena back from injury? Edge and Cena traded blows in the early going. Cena went to escape but Edge caught him and hit a flapjack. Edge then hit a back breaker. A few moments later, Cena hit Edge with a leg drop from the top rope. He then hit the AA and won.

Recap: Rhino is officially back. Cena is still lasted as injured, so he will vacate his title this Sunday.

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