Saturday, July 21, 2012

October Week 2, Year 3

 The mid-year draft is here. There will be two draft matches on Raw and two more on Smackdown.

Match 1. Draft Match - Stone Cold vs. Lesnar
The winner will receive a draft pick for their brand. Lesnar was one elimination away from becoming WWE Champion. Lesnar connected with an F5. Lesnar was tossing Austin all over the ring like he was a rag doll. After an armbar, Lesnar pinned Austin to win.

Match 2. Shelton and Batista w/ Orton vs. Steiner and Jeff
The mystery partner was Jeff Hardy! Both teams used tag moves to wear down their opponent. Batista accidentally knocked out the ref as he hit the Batista Bomb on Steiner. Later, Batista hit a modified back suplex and got a close 3 count. Steiner fought back and hit his own back suplex and won.

After the match, Jeff and Steiner shook hands and celebrated.

Match 3. Booker vs. Jericho, Benoit and Regal
As if a 3-on-1 advantage wasn't enough, Benoit brought in a chair. However, Booker took it away and used it. Booker tried to weaken one member of the team, but they kept tagging in and out. Jericho landed an elbow drop from the top rope. He then hit the Codebreaker to knock out Booker.

Main Event. Draft Match - The Rock vs. Edge
The winner will receive a draft pick for their brand. Edge hit Rock with a couple of back suplexes. Rock fought back and locked Edge in the Sharpshooter. Edge got out and hit the Edge-o-matic. He then hit a spear from the top and won. That's two picks for Smackdown.

Match 1. Draft Match - Batista vs. Rey
Winner get a draft pick for their brand. The Animal was in control for most of the match. He threw Rey into the corner and then hit a two-handed chokeslam. He landed a Batista Bomb, but wasn't done just yet. He speared Rey from the top rope and scored the win.

Match 2. Draft Match - Angle vs. Triple H
Winner get a draft pick for their show. Mr. McMahon was walking around at ringside. Three and a half minutes in and Triple H landed the Pedigree. Angle was able to kick out but The Game continued the beating. He landed his signature spine buster and another Pedigree to win. Raw gets a pick.

Match 3. Matt Morgan vs. Bubba Ray
One-half of the current tag champs taking on one-half of the former champs. Morgan was dominating Bubba. He hit a running powerslam and then his bicycle kick. Bubba kicked out, but Matt let him know it was a mistake. Morgan hit a back suplex and did the Jericho-cocky-one-foot pin to score the win.

After the match, Bubba threw a fit in front of the announcers. He then punched Michael Cole.

Main Event. Undertaker vs. Big Show vs. Kurt Angle
Taker must have hit about three Tombstones on Big Show. All three men did not want to give up. They took finisher after finisher. Show brought in a chair to deal out some more damage. Angle kept on hitting Taker with some pinning German suplexes, but Show broke them up each time. Show hit his second Showstopper on Taker, but he sat right up. Angle landed the Angle Slam, but again Taker got up. Taker hit the Tombstone on Angle. This time, Show was late to break it up and Taker won.

After the match, a WWE official checked on Angle.

Draft picks: Raw gets - Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan
                  Smackdown gets - Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold

Recap: The Heartbreak Kid and Stone Cold are now on the blue brand! WOW! Steiner aligned himself with Jeff. The Next Big Thing and Hulk Hogan are a part of Raw. Four HUGE names switched shows in this draft. Angle is listed as injured.

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