Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The ladder match is full of star power. I do need to replace a couple of the participant.

Match 1. Money in the Bank Ladder - Triple H vs. HBK vs. Miz vs. Christian vs. Morrison vs. Kennedy
Could this be the way The Game gets another title shot? The match was 24 minutes of awesomeness. Kennedy and JoMo were on the ladder. Kennedy tossed him down to the mat. A small "this is awesome!" chant was heard. Michaels put HHH in the Sharpshooter and made him tap, but it meant nothing. Kennedy then hit JoMo over the head with a chair and busted him open. Miz hit Triple H with the Skull Crushing Finale. Triple H was able to get up, set up a ladder and pulled the briefcase down.

Match 2. Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle  WWE Championship
This was only a 5-minute match. It was a little disappointing. Taker received a German suplex, but he got right back up and hit Angle with a Tombstone. After an STO and a chokeslam, Taker clotheslined Angle to win.

Match 3. Extreme Rules - Benoit vs. Booker T vs. Shelton vs. Jericho  Intercontinental Championship
The ring was filled with all sorts of weapons. There was a ladder, crutch, sledgehammer, kendo stick and garbage can. Jericho hit Benoit with a Codebreaker. A minute later, Booker hit Benoit with the Bookend. Booker then hit a DDT and Benoit began bleeding. After a back breaker, Jericho pinned Shelton to win.

After the match, a WWE official checked on Shelton.

Match 4. Steel Cage - Edge vs. Lesnar  United States Championship
These two went back and forth, countering each other's moves. Edge landed a German suplex and a running knee. Lesnar hit a German suplex of his own and pinned Edge, but he kicked out. Edge began climbing and Lesnar went to bring him down. Edge elbowed him in the head and he fell. Edge climbed over and retained his belt.

Match 5. 10-man Battle Royal - Jeff vs. Rock vs. Batista vs. Orton vs. Matt vs. Henry vs. Rhino vs. Hogan vs. JBL vs. A-Train
The first two entrants were Batista and A-Train. JBL was the next to come out. Batista eliminated A-Train. Matt ran down as the #4 entrant. Jeff came out at #5. Henry walked out next. Jeff was tossed out by Batista. Matt was eliminated by Henry. Rhino was #7. Rhino took out Batista. Hogan came out at #8. Henry eliminated JBL. Orton was #9, which means Rock is the last entrant. Hogan took out Rhino. Hogan then eliminated Orton. Rock and Hogan were the last two. They went back and forth until Rock clotheslined Hogan out of the ring to win.

Main Event. Steiner vs. Goldberg vs. Kane  World Heavyweight Title
Kane is inserted into this match because he won the KotR. Kane hit Steiner with a back breaker. A couple of minutes later, Steiner hit a belly-to-belly on both Kane and Goldberg. Kane hit a chokeslam on Steiner and as Goldberg left the get a chair, Kane scored the pin.

Recap: The ladder match was intense. I'm a little upset Triple H won, though. I wonder how RVD feels about his partner becoming the champ.

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