Saturday, July 7, 2012

August Week 2, Year 3

Raw is low on faces right now. I hope everyone is back by the October draft.

Match 1. Jeff vs. Orton
Goldberg ran down to the ring and went after Orton. Randy got right back up and hit Jeff with the Angle Slam-like move. Jeff countered Orton's grapple and hit the Twist of Fate. Orton blocked one of Jeff's right hands and connected with the RKO and won.

Match 2. Benoit vs. Jericho
These two men know each other so well. Jericho connected with the Codebreaker at 5:30. A minute later, Benoit locked him in the Crossface. Benoit then hit a snap suplex. After an atomic drop and enziguri, Jericho scored the victory.

After the match, Orton attacked Jericho with a pipe.

Match 3. Stone Cold vs. Triple H
Austin was in control of HHH. The Game countered and hit his signature spine buster. Austin caught Triple H in a headlock then hit the Stunner. A minute later, Triple H kicked Austin and connected with the Pedigree. After a clothesline in the corner, The Game scored the pinfall.

After the match, Triple H grabbed a chair and went to hit Austin when RVD's music hit. He ran down and took out The Game.

Main Event. Goldberg vs. Henry
Henry was tossing around Goldberg early on. He landed a fall away slam and a two-handed chokeslam. He later hit a military press and the World's Strongest Slam to win.

After the match, Henry grabbed a chair and was about to hit Goldberg when Rey came out of nowhere and took the chair. He then turned around and hit Goldberg.

Match 1. Too Cool vs. Miz and Morrison
Rikishi hit Miz with a huge back suplex. A couple of minutes later, Morrison hit Rikishi with Starship Pain. He then landed the Moonlight Drive neck breaker. JoMo reversed Rikishi's Death Valley Driver into a DDT and busting him open. The match ended when Scotty hit Miz with a chop block and pinned him.

Match 2. Big Show vs. Rey
Rey used his speed and lethal kicks to take the big man down. Show fought back and hit Rey with the WMD. Rey wouldn't stay down and Show hit him with another WMD to win.

After the match, Angle attacked Show with a pipe.

Match 3. John Cena vs. Bubba Ray
Bubba dropped Cena on his head from a piledriver. Cena fought back and hit Bubba with an AA and almost won. Cena went for another one but it was blocked and Bubba hit the Bubba Cutter. Cena recovered and successfully hit his second AA to win.

After the match, Evolution appeared at the top of the ramp. Triple H pointed at Cena.

Main Event. Table - Taker vs. Angle
Taker and Angle traded right hands in the beginning. Angle gained the upper hand and landed a German suplex. He left the ring and brought in a table. Taker got up and took Angle down with a big boot. He then hit the chokeslam. Angle kicked out and landed the triple German suplexes. Taker sat up and set up a table in the corner. Taker hit the Last Ride and then whipped Angle into the table. He pulled him out and suplexed him through the table to win.

Recap: RVD and Rey are back. Rey turned heel. Next week, RVD and Kane will get a tag title shot. There has been a lot of cross-brand action going on so far. I kind of like it.

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