Sunday, July 15, 2012


There was not a single Hell in a Cell match on the card. What?!

Match 1. Raw vs. Smackdown Ladder - RVD vs. JBL vs. Rey vs. Shelton
Bubba Ray interfered and hit Shelton with the Bubba Cutter.There were ladders and chairs all over the ring. Shelton and Rey were the first to make an attempt for the briefcase, but were pushed down by JBL. RVD hit a tornado DDT on Rey and busted him open. RVD hit Shelton with a swinging neck breaker from the top of the ladder. RVD then did the same to Rey. Shelton climbed and pulled down the briefcase.

Match 2. Edge vs. Angle  United States Championship
Angle was destroyed by Taker on Smackdown, receiving three Tombstones. Angle hit Edge with a German suplex. A couple minutes later, Angle was on the top rope and landed a moonsault. He then hit an Angle Slam. It looked like Angle was going to win, but Edge came back and hit a spear from the top to retain his title.

Match 3. Jeff Hardy vs. Booker T  Intercontinental Championship
This is a rematch from the last Raw. Booker hit the Bookend and almost won, but Jeff kicked out. These two fought on the outside for a couple of minutes. Jeff flew across the ring, landed a heel kick and a running clothesline. He then hit the Twist of Fate to retain.

Match 4. Raw vs. Smackdown - The Rock vs. Hogan
Rock connected with some right hands then landed the spine buster. Rock then hit the Rock Bottom. Hogan attempted a comeback, but Rock stopped him with a back suplex and a Samoan drop. Rock threw Hogan into the ropes and hit another Samoan drop to win.

Match 5. Hell in a Cell - Taker vs. Cena vs. Big Show vs. Lesnar  WWE Championship
Taker hit Lesnar with a Last Ride while Show and Cena were battling. Big Show almost broke Cena in half with a spear. Taker then Tombstoned Lesnar. Taker and Cena were fighting a the corner as Show lifted Lesnar up for a Showstopper. Cena hit a leg drop from the top and pinned Taker to win. Taker's 5-month reign is over!

Main Event. Scramble - Kane vs. Steiner vs. Goldberg vs. Triple H vs. Michaels  World Championship
This is a 20-minute scramble match. Maybe we'll actually see a title change. Michaels and Goldberg started off the match. The next man to enter was Kane. The champ can properly defend his title. Goldberg hit HBK with a Jackhammer, but Kane broke up the pin. The second man to join the match was Triple H. Goldberg went for a couple of pins on Kane but both HHH and Michaels broke it up. Steiner finally entered and there are now 5 minutes left. With two minutes left, Steiner hit a northern lights suplex on Goldberg and pinned him to win the title.

Recap: I knew Taker was going to lose at this event. I didn't think Cena would walk out as champ, though. Steiner gets the World Title back. Let's see what happens in the draft.

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