Tuesday, August 21, 2012

April Week 2, Year 4

The Raw card is very random. I hope it straightens out after the PPV.

Match 1. RVD and Christian vs. Jericho and Booker
RVD will join Smackdown once this feud is over. Jericho and Booker attacked RVD and Christian from behind on the ramp. Jericho locked RVD in the Walls of Jericho not even 2 minutes into the match. Booker busted RVD open with a float-over DDT. Jericho then hit a heel kick on Christian. He flipped him over and made him tap from the Walls.

After the match, Jericho hit Christian across the back with a chair.

Match 2. Rey vs. Big Show
The winner will join Orton in the 4-way match. Show was too much for Rey. Show hit the Final Cut and a Showstopper, but Rey wouldn't give up. A few minutes later, Show hit another Final Cut. After a flipping pump handle slam, Show got the win.

Match 3. Orton vs. Shelton
The current IC champ taking on former World/IC champ. Shelton had Orton in a single-leg Boston Crab, but Orton broke out and hit an RKO. Shelton recovered and hit a flying lariat and a t-bone suplex. After a stomp on the chest, Orton scored the victory.

Main Event. Boom Truth vs. Flair and Bourne
I have no idea why this is a remarkable match. Kofi and Truth were arguing before the bell rang. Mid-way, Truth walked away from the match. Bourne was in control for most of the match. He hit the Shooting Star Press, but Kofi kicked out. Kofi went for a suplex, but Bourne caught him in a roll-up and won.

Match 1. JBL vs. Triple H
JBL attacked HHH from behind while he was waiting in the ring. There was a cut-scene that showed JBL leaving the ring and heading up the ramp. Triple H left the ring and chased after him. Batista ran down while Triple H hit the Pedigree. Batista broke up the pin and left. Triple H went for another Pedigree, but JBL broke out and hit the Clothesline from Hell to win.

After the match, JBL grabbed a chair and hit Triple H a few times.

Match 2. Benoit vs. Mark Henry
Benoit was able to land a couple of suplexes before Henry's strength took over. Henry hit the World's Strongest Slam. A minute later, he made Benoit tap from a bearhug.

Match 3. John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy
Kennedy attacked Cena from behind on the ramp. Kennedy hit the Mic Check very early. Cena hit a few right hands, but that was all the offense he would get in. Kennedy hit a suplex and then eventually another Mic Check to win.

After the match, Kennedy was about to leave the ring, but he turned around and continued attacking Cena.

Recap: R-Truth turned heel.

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