Sunday, August 19, 2012

March Week 4, Year 4

Another week, another Raw with only 3 matches. Nice build to WrestleMania.

Match 1. RVD vs. Christian
Booker T attacked RVD from behind. Christian locked in the Texas Cloverleaf, but RVD broke out. Christian hit his corner dropkick and then the Killswitch. He then hit a back suplex and won.

After the match, Christian left the ring and Jericho entered. Christian turned around and attacked Jericho. 

Match 2. Triple H vs. Goldberg
Goldberg hit a side slam and almost won, but Triple H kicked out. The Game got up and his combination of moves - knee smash, spine buster and Pedigree. Goldberg kicked out and immediately hit the spear. He then hit a snap neck breaker and won.

Match 3. The Rock vs. Jeff Hardy
Batista attacked Jeff as he was walking to the ring. Jeff quickly left the ring and grabbed a chair. He hit Rock a couple of times, but Rock battled back. He landed a Samoan drop and a DDT. Jeff went for the Twist of Fate, but Rock blocked it and hit the Rock Bottom to win.

After the match, the referee checked on Jeff.

Match 1. Bubba vs. Kennedy
Bubba hit a few right hands across Kennedy's jaw. He then connected with a Bubba Cutter. The match moved to the outside as Kennedy landed the Mic Check. They made it back into the ring. Bubba hit a military press and won.

Match 2. Chavo and Sheamus vs. Edge and ???
Who is Edge's partner? It's EDDIE! Eddie Guerrero, the man who's faced Edge the last two weeks is Edge's partner. Edge and Eddie worked well as a team as they kept Chavo away from Sheamus. Eddie hit Chavo with a brainbuster. Eddie then hit the Three Amigos and a Frog Splash. Edge hit a German suplex and got the win.

After the match, Eddie and Edge shook hands and celebrated.

Match 3. Undertaker vs. Cena
Taker hit a suplex, but Cena got up and hit the AA. Two minutes later, Cena hit another AA. Cena picked Taker up and hit the Throwback facebuster and won.

Main Event. Iron Man - JBL vs. ???
Who is JBL's opponent? It's Cody Rhodes! He is a quick healer. Two minutes into the match, the ref was knocked out, but he eventually got up. JBL brought in a chair, but Cody took it away from him. Bubba interfered and hit Cody with a Death Valley Driver. Cody hit a couple of springboard dropkicks and an Alabama Slam. JBL hit the Clothesline From Hell and scored the first point. After a second fall away slam, JBL got his second point. Cody cut the deficit in half after another Alabama Slam and a DDT. JBL hit a second Clothesline, but Cody was able to kick out. He got his third point after a powerbomb. Rhodes hit a high-angle pinning suplex to score his second point. JBL went back up by 2 after a sleeper hold. The final was 4-2 JBL.

Recap: Booker is heel. Christian turned face. Jeff is injured. Edge and Eddie are officially a team.

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