Friday, August 31, 2012

June Week 3, Year 4

Only 6 days left until we crown a new King of the Ring. The winner will receive a title shot of their brand.

Match 1. Orton vs. Edge
These former partners knew each other very well. Edge hit the spear at the 5:17 mark. Orton fought back. He hit his Angle Slam and then an RKO. Eddie made his way down the ramp. Orton went after Eddie, which allowed Edge to hit a German suplex pin. Orton countered with an inverted back breaker and won.

Match 2. RVD vs. Booker T
RVD hit his heel kick and then a rolling fireman's carry. Booker busted RVD open with a float-over DDT. Jericho ran down and connected with a Codebreaker on RVD. Jericho then left as Booker hit a super kick and a back breaker to win.

Match 3. KotR - Triple H vs. Ziggler
Triple H landed a headlock takedown and then a DDT. He continued his a take with multiple right hands and a spine buster. Triple H ended the match with a Pedigree to move on to the finals.

Main Event. Big Show w/ Regal vs. Jericho
Despite the one-man advantage, Jericho landed a heel kick on Show. Jericho threw Show into the corner, but he came out and hit the Showstopper. Jericho hit another heel kick outside the ring. They went back in where Show landed another Showstopper and won.

Match 1. Rey vs. Angle
These two wrestled all over the ring. Rey hit a springbroad from the apron and landed on Angle. The match spilled to the outside and Angle hit the three German suplexes. He then hit Angle Slam. Rey hit the frog splash from the top and won.

Match 2. John Morrison vs. MVP
Kennedy walked down to the ring with a chair. MVP landed the Playmaker. The two went back and forth. MVP hit a dropkick, but JoMo fought back. JoMo hit the Moonlight Drive and won.

Match 3. KotR - Kofi vs. Matt
This was a very quick semi-finals match. Matt landed the Side Effect after ducking a clothesline. He hit another one a minute later. Matt hit the Twist of Fate, but Kofi got right up. Kofi hit a dropkick and a flying forearm. He then went for the Trouble in Paradise, but Matt ducked and hit another Twist of Fate to win.

After the match, Matt left the ring and was stopped by the returning Shelton Benjamin.

Main Event. JBL vs. Undertaker  #1 Contender's Match
Taker won the original match, but it was restarted as a submission match. I wish that cutscene didn't happen because the submission match took so long. It was going on 20-minutes, so I had to simulate this. Undertaker one.

Recap: Shelton is back.

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