Saturday, August 25, 2012

May Week 3, Year 4

Six days until Judgment Day. Shelton is stripped of the IC Title.

Match 1. Christian vs. Jeff Hardy
Kane was shown sitting first row. Jeff stomped Christian in the corner and then hit a flipping powerbomb. He then taunted Christian to get up and hit the Twist of Fate to win.

After the match, Kane appeared and attacked Hardy.

Match 2. Regal vs. RVD
These two will be competing for the vacant IC Title at Judgment Day. Regal connected with the Power of the Punch and a pinning tiger suplex. He threw RVD shoulder first into the corner. He hit a double underhook suplex and another PotP. Regal hit a pinning German suplex to win.

Match 3. Big Show vs. Booker T
Big Show used his strength to easily lift Booker up for a back breaker. Booker fought back and connected with a super kick and the Bookend. Show kicked out, hit another back breaker and the Final Cut. He then hit the Showstopper and won.

Main Event. Orton vs. Ziggler
Orton hit a DDT and busted Ziggler open within the first minute. Orton received a snap slam from Dolph, but he got up and hit the RKO. Orton sent Ziggler into the corner. He pulled him out for a short-arm clothesline and won.

Match 1. D-Von vs. Sheamus
I chose to manually interfere in this match as Kofi Kingston. I want to get a rivalry going between the two. I hit a hurricanrana on Sheamus and D-Von got the win.

Match 2. Triple H and JBL vs. MVP and Kennedy
There are too many 3-letter acronyms in this match. MVP and Kennedy left the ring and met Triple H and JBL on the ramp. All four men began to fight. Kennedy hit the Mic Check on The Game on the steel ramp. MVP waiting on the apron for the match to begin. After a couple of minutes of fighting, MVP hit JBL with the Playmaker to win.

Match 3. Bubba Ray vs. Kurt Angle
I chose to interfere with Undertaker and attack Angle. Taker doesn't have a challenger for Sunday, so I thought Angle was a good opponent. The lights went out and Taker appeared behind Bubba. I hit Angle with two Last Rides and Bubba won.

Main Event. John Cena vs. Mark Henry
Henry went for a military press, but Cena reversed it into a face buster. A couple of minutes later, Cena landed the AA, but Henry wasn't done. Cena reversed another military press into a DDT and won.

Recap: Judgment Day could be exciting. I need to start manually making my feuds instead of letting Universe making them. 

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