Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Match 1. Eddie and Edge vs. Chris Jericho and Booker  World Tag Team Championship
Regardless of what show they're on, Eddie and Edge are successful. Eddie caught a kick from Jericho and hit him with a brainbuster. All four men entered the ring and hell broke loose. Booker hit Eddie with a scissors kick. After an elbow to the back, Edge pinned Booker to retain.

Match 2. Kane vs. Rey Mysterio
In recent weeks, Rey has been able to hold his own against the big men of Raw. Kane hit Rey with a dropkick from the top rope. He then lifted Rey and landed a chokeslam. He then hit a running powerslam to win.

Match 3. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus  United States Championship
After a 2 count, Kofi hit a Russian leg sweep and the Boom Drop. He then landed some move (I don't even know how to describe it), but got another 2 count. Sheamus fought back and locked Kofi in a Texas Cloverleaf. He then hit the High Cross. After a running clothesline in the corner, Sheamus won.

Match 4. Extreme Rules - Randy Orton vs. Big Show vs. Shelton vs. Ziggler  World Championship
There is an added stipulation - if Shelton wins, he will be stripped of the IC Title. Orton was the first to bring in a weapon - a sledgehammer. A garbage can and a table were soon added to the match. Shelton went for a moonsault to put Dolph through the table, but Ziggler moved. He then hit the ZigZag. Show hit Shelton with a Showstopper and got the win while Dolph and Orton were outside the ring.

After the match, an official checked on Shelton.

Match 5. Last Man Standing - John Cena vs. Batista
Batista hit Cena below the belt before the bell rang. Cena landed a spin-out slam and a snap suplex, but that would be most of his offense. Batista hit a spine buster and a Batista Bomb. Cena couldn't answer the 10 count.

After the match, Batista left the ring but was stopped by the returning Cody Rhodes.

Main Event. Extreme Rules - Undertaker vs. Triple H  WWE Championship
JBL took a seat at ringside with Lawler and Cole. Triple H hit Taker with a back breaker and then hit some right hands which busted The Deadman open. Taker chokeslammed The Game through the announce table. HHH got up and hit the Pedigree. A few moments later, Taker landed the Last Ride. Taker lit a table on fire inside the ring. The Game hit his spine buster. He then went for a second Pedigree, but Taker blocked it and hit the Tombstone to win.

After the match, Triple H raised Taker's hand in victory.

Recap: If Shelton remains injured next week, he will be stripped of the IC Title. Cody is back.

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