Sunday, August 5, 2012


It's here. The Road to WrestleMania begins tonight.

Match 1. Regal vs. Shelton  Intercontinental Championship
Both men went back and forth with counters. Shelton hit a back breaker/Russian leg sweep combo. Regal hit a back suplex and a rolling fireman's carry. The match spilled on to the outside. Shelton connected with a superkick. After a 2 count, Shelton hit a t-bone suplex to win.

Match 2. Eddie vs. MVP vs. A-Train  United States Championship
A-Train hit a bicycle kick on MVP. Eddie planted MVP on his head and busted him wide open. He then hit the Three Amigos. A-Train hit MVP with the Derailer. Eddie kicked A-Train in the back and pined him to win.

Match 3. Raw vs. SD - Flair vs. Michaels
Flair grabbed a chair and hit HBK multiple times. Michaels made it back into the ring and connected with a Sweet Chin Music. Flair got up, hit a snap suplex and won.

Match 4. John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Undertaker vs. JBL  WWE Championship
Kennedy hit the Mic Check on JBL, but only got a 2 count. Taker hit JBL with a Last Ride and then a Tombstone. Kennedy hit Cena with the rolling fireman's carry. He then hit Taker with a Mic Check. Taker hit Kennedy with a DDT and got the win.

Match 5. Submission - Goldberg vs. Mark Henry
It looks like Henry will be the new champ because I'm not too sure Goldberg has a submission move. Henry lifted Goldberg over his head and then dropped him on his back. He then hit the World's Strongest Slam. They made it back into the ring where Henry locked in the bearhug and won.

After the match, Benoit and Jericho celebrated with Henry.

Main Event. 30-man Royal Rumble
The winner will get a shot for their brand's title at WrestleMania. The first two entrants were Angle and Edge. Edge went for an early elimination. Triple H was #3. Angle and Triple H went to eliminate Edge, but he escaped. R-Truth was #4. Angle kicked Edge off the apron for the first elimination. Bubba Ray was #5. Triple H hit Angle with a DDT. D-Von was #6. Truth almost eliminated Bubba. Matt Morgan was #7. The Dudleyz were going at it in the corner. Angle clotheslined Triple H over the top rope. D-Von kicked Bubba off the apron. Rhino was #8. Angle hit the Angle Slam on Morgan. The Rock was #9. D-Von had Angle held up in the corner. Morgan eliminated Rhino. Rey Mysterio was #10. D-Von and Morgan went to eliminate Angle, but he fought back. Morgan took out Truth. Rock eliminated Angle. Rey kicked Rock off the apron.

John Morrison was #11. Morgan eliminated D-Von. Kofi Kingston was #12. Morgan was eliminated my Morrison. Kofi eliminated Rey. Booker T was #13. Booker went to eliminate JoMo, but he held on. CM Punk was #14. Booker tossed out Kofi. RVD was #15. Punk dropkicked JoMo out of the ring. The Miz was #16. Punk and RVD teamed up and tried to get rid of Booker, but he stayed in. Jeff Hardy was #17. Jeff kicked Punk off the apron. Matt Hardy was #18. Jeff and RVD were battling on the ropes when Jeff finally tossed him out. Matt tossed out Miz. Mr. Kennedy was #19. These eliminations were rapid fire. Jeff and Matt were fighting each other. Booker kicked Kennedy in the back of the head. MVP was #20. Matt kicked Booker out of the ring. Matt hit MVP with the Twist of Fate. Kennedy tossed out Jeff.

William Regal was #21. Matt went to eliminate MVP, but he countered. Kennedy punched Matt off the apron down to the floor. John Cena was #22. Cena wants to get his title back and this is the only way how. Regal and Kennedy tossed out MVP. Jack Swagger was #23. Swagger had Regal in the corner and tossed him down to the floor. Jericho was #24. Swagger eliminated Cena. Chavo was #25. Jericho and Kennedy double teamed Swagger. Batista was #26. Kennedy went to kick Jericho off, but he held on to the bottom rope. Shawn Michaels was #27. Kennedy and Batista eliminated Swagger. Michaels punched Jericho and he fell to the floor. Chavo was eliminated by Batista. Batista and Michaels eliminated Kennedy. Randy Orton was #28. Batista thought he tossed out HBK, but he held on to the top rope. Christian was #29. Who could be the last entrant? Batista hit Christian with a Batista Bomb. Brock Lesnar was #30. Well, the winner will be from Raw. Christian kicked Batista out of the ring. Michaels hit Christian with the Sweet Chin Music. Lesnar eliminated Orton. Lesnar, Christian and Michaels remain. Lesnar hit Michaels with the F5. After fighting for a few minutes, Lesnar eliminated Michaels. Lesnar hit Christian with an F5. Lesnar then tossed out Christian to win.

Recap: This was a quick, yet exciting Rumble match.  I like Lesnar winning the Rumble. I do also like the 2 World Title changes.

Stats: Lesnar, Batista and Kennedy had 3 eliminations. In three out of four Rumbles, the last 2 superstars were numbers 29 and 30.

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