Wednesday, August 1, 2012

December Week 3, Year 3

Vengeance is 6 days away and I haven't seen any #1 Contender's matches booked.

Match 1. MVP vs. Lesnar
Lesnar went for a suplex, but MVP reversed it into one of his own. Lesnar got up and began tossing MVP around like a rag doll. It was suplex after suplex. MVP kicked out of a pin, but then received an F5 and Lesnar won.

Match 2. Flair and Batista vs. Steiner and Henry
Steiner's partner was Mark Henry. Is he back for good? Batista slammed Henry to the ground and then speared him. Steiner came in and was hit with a Batista Bomb. Henry came back in and hit a fall away slam on Batista. Henry hit Flair with the World's Strongest Slam. Henry busted Batista open with some right hands. Henry slammed Flair's face into the mat and won.

Match 3. Triple H and Orton vs. Jericho and Christian
Another tag match, I feel like Teddy Long. Triple H DDT'd Jericho as Orton threw Christian into the corner. Orton then hit the RKO on Christian. Jericho hit The Game with a Codebreaker. Orton missed another RKO and Jericho caught Triple H in a roll-up and won.

Main Event. Submission - Shelton vs. ???
Could this be where Goldberg returns? IT IS GOLDBERG! Do either men have a submission move? Both men hit their finishers multiple times. Goldberg was bleeding. Both men were holding their heads in pain. After a kick to the face, Shelton began bleeding too. Shelton eventually won with a single-leg Boston Crab.

Match 1. Taker vs. JBL
Taker hit JBL with a Tombstone fairly early into the match. JBL fought back and caught Taker with a fall away slam. Edge interfered and took down JBL. Edge and Taker hit a double back breaker on Bradshaw. Taker pinned JBL and won.

Match 2. Shawn Michaels vs. A-Train
Will there be a Triple H sighting again? A-Train lifted Michaels up by the neck and dropped him with a Derailer. HBK came back and hit a back breaker. A-Train came back with a bicycle kick and another Derailer. Later, A-Train tossed HBK by the head and scored the win.

Match 3. Kennedy vs. Angle and Rhino
Kennedy hit Rhino with an electric chair drop and a DDT. Rhino fought back with a clothesline and a modified STO. Angle came in and drove his boot into Kennedy's face. Rhino was back in and Gored Kennedy to knock him out.

After the match, Bubba attacked Rhino with a lead pipe.

Main Event. Table - Cena vs. Lawler
Who could his opponent be? Smackdown is fully healed. Jerry Lawler? Why is he wrestling? Cena landed a couple of right hands then a gut buster. Two tables were in the ring, one was on fire. Lawler connected with his own right hands. Cena hit Lawler with the AA outside the ring. Lawler hit his pile driver. Lawler hit some more right hands and Cena fell through the table.

Recap: Henry is still injured.

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