Thursday, August 2, 2012

December Week 4, Year 3

There are 5 weeks until the Royal Rumble. I still don't know what year 4 has in store.

Match 1. Kane and RVD vs. Christian and Jericho  World Tag Team Championship
Both teams worked well, executing many tag team moves. RVD landed the 5-star Frog Splash on Jericho. All four men were in the ring at one point. Kane was tagged in and hit Jericho with a Tombstone. He then pinned him to retain.

Match 2. Rock vs. Orton
Orton brought in a chair to take down The Great One. Rock caught Orton in a Samoan drop. Orton fought back and hit the RKO. After a DDT, Rock began bleeding. Out of nowhere, Rock connected with the Rock Bottom. Orton came back, hit a clothesline and won.

After the match, Jericho attacked Orton with a lead pipe. 

Match 3. Goldberg vs. Regal
Cena took a seat at ringside. Goldberg hit a couple of right hands and a back suplex. He then hit a snap neck breaker and pin, but only got a 2 count. He connected with the spear and the one-arm spine buster to win.

After the match, Rey and Eddie came out. Rey signaled that he wants Goldberg's title.

Main Event. Steiner vs. Shelton  #1 Contender's Match
Shelton held his own against the Genetic Freak. He connected with a spinning neck breaker and then a super kick. He pinned Steiner and almost won, but Steiner kicked out. Steiner got up and landed a huge t-bone suplex. Shelton hit Steiner over the head with a chair, but Steiner got up and hit a belly-to-belly. He then hit a pinning northern lights suplex to win.

After the match, Mason Ryan and Flair attacked Steiner.

Match 1. Edge vs. John Cena
Cena hit the AA at the 5-minute mark and almost won, but Edge was able to kick out. Edge landed a pinning German suplex but only got a 2 count. Edge was in control and went for the spear, but Cena blocked it. A few moments later, Edge was on the top rope and hit the spear to win.

Match 2. MVP, Morgan and Show vs. Miz, Morrison and A-Train
This was a little shorter than my usual 6-man tag matches. Big Show speared Miz. Train and Morrison hit Show with a double flapjack. Miz and Morrison then hit Morgan with a back and neck breaker combo. Miz hit MVP with some right hands and busted him open. A-Train hit Show with the Derailer and won.

After the match, a referee checked on Big Show, who was laying face down in the ring.

Match 3. Angle vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Rhino vs. Bubba Ray
Angle was walking down the ramp when he was attacked by a...ghost? There was no one on screen. There was a cut scene that showed Kennedy and Bubba teaming up against Rhino. Bubba landed the Bubba Bomb on Angle. Kennedy hit Bubba with a Mic Check. Angle hit Rhino with a pinning German suplex and won.

Main Event. JBL vs. Undertaker  #1 Contender's Match
Taker ran down the ramp and took down JBL before the bell rang. Taker hit the Tombstone, but continued his attack. Taker locked JBL in a reverse chin lock and forced JBL to tap.

After the match, JBL and Taker continued fighting at the top of the ramp. 

Recap: Smackdown is invading Raw. I wonder if Flair confused Mason Ryan for Batista... Eddie is now a heel. Show is injured and Bubba is a face.

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