Friday, August 3, 2012

January Week 2, Year 4

Well, my wish didn't come true. These storylines are still going on. So, let's do 'em.

Match 1. Christian vs. Brodus Clay
Matt Hardy was sitting in the front row. Christian hit Clay with a boot to the face in the corner. He then landed the Killswitch. Clay kicked out at 2 and Christian continued his offense. Clay gained control and hit the G-Grip to win.

After the match, Matt Hardy attacked Clay with a lead pipe.

Match 2. Hernandez vs. Kane, Triple H and Benoit
Hernandez was holding his own against these 3 men. He hit Benoit with three Border Tosses. Benoit reversed a powerbomb into a DDT and then hit a German suplex. Triple H came in and after an elbow to the back, he pinned Hernandez to win.

Match 3. Orton vs. Jericho
Regal attacked Jericho from behind. Orton took down Jericho and stomped all over him. He then dropped down and connected with the RKO. Orton then hit the Angle Slam-like move and won.

After the match, Regal came in and attacked both Jericho and Orton.

Main Event. Steiner w/ Jeff vs. Flair w/ Mason Ryan
The Dirtiest Player in the Game hit Steiner with some brass knuckles. Steiner hit a couple of northern lights suplexes. Ryan and Jeff were fighting along ringside. After a belly-to-belly, Steiner got the victory.

After the match, Steiner extended his hand, but Flair bent down and low blowed him.

Match 1. Bubba vs. Rhino
Bubba hit a pile driver and a huge slam on Rhino. Rhino came back with a spine buster. Bubba attempted a comeback, but Rhino shut him down with another spine buster. He then hit the Gore. After a 2 count, Bubba made his comeback and won after a Bubba Cutter.

Match 2. Kennedy vs. Henry
Kennedy was waiting in the ring as Henry attacked him from behind. Henry lifted Kennedy over his head for a military press slam. Kennedy got up and hit the rolling fireman's carry. Goldberg came in and hit Henry with the Jackhammer. Henry recovered, locked Kennedy in a bear hug and made him tap.

After the match, Henry grabbed a chair and continued to hit Kennedy.

Match 3. Edge vs. Angle
Angle hit a swinging neck breaker on Edge. He then hit a clothesline, but Edge came back with a German suplex. He was on the top rope and hit a tornado DDT. Edge then hit a spear and won.

Main Event. Michaels vs. John Cena
Goldberg took a seat with the announcers at ringside. Cena and Michaels went back and forth with reversals. Cena landed the AA and pinned HBK, but he kicked out. Cena hit a spin-out slam and a hip toss to win.

Recap: Raw is out of control. It's now Raw's turn to invade Smackdown. 

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