Sunday, August 19, 2012

March Week 1, Year 4

4 weeks until WrestleMania. I'm still undecided on what direction to take my Universe. However, I do know that some superstars won't make it past 'Mania. I'm also going to try to cut down on my match analyses. I wanna make them about 2-3 sentences max.

Match 1. Triple H vs. Goldberg, Kennedy and Jeff Hardy
All three men used their advantage to beat down The Game. Triple H exploded on Goldberg with a suplex, back breaker and a reverse DDT. Triple H got his shot at Jeff with a spine buster and knocked him out with a Pedigree.

After the match, Goldberg threw a fit outside the ring.

Match 2. R-Truth vs. Randy Orton
Truth landed a modified suplex-face buster combination. Orton hit the RKO. He then hit a float-over DDT and busted Truth open. Orton hit another RKO. Jericho interfered and broke up Orton's pin. Truth broke out of a full nelson and hit What's Up and won.

Match 3. The Rock vs. Shelton
Rock hit a Samoan drop. He then went for the Rock Bottom, but Shelton broke out of it. He then connected with Paydirt. Rock kicked out and received a super kick to the chin. He then received an elbow to the chest. Shelton won with a pinning t-bone suplex.

Main Event. RVD vs. Mark Henry
RVD hit Henry with a couple of kicks to the side of the head and then a heel kick to the chin. He then lifted Henry up for a rolling fireman's carry. RVD hit another kick and then a 5-Star Frog Splash. Henry kicked out, but RVD won with a snap suplex and pin.

Match 1. Michaels vs. Sheamus
Michaels connected with Sweet Chin Music around the 3:44 mark. Sheamus fought back and hit a running powerslam. Michaels got up and hit another SCM. After receiving a back breaker, Michaels put Sheamus in the Sharpshooter and made him tap.

Match 2. Big Show vs. Angle
Angle hit the three German suplexes and an Angle Slam, but Show kicked out. Kennedy interfered and hit the Mic Check on Angle. Show then hit WMD on Angle and won.

Match 3. Edge vs. Cena
These two fought last week, which Cena won. Taker took a seat at ringside. These two went back and forth in and out of the ring. Edge connected with a spear, but got a 2 count. A minute later, Cena hit the AA and won.

After the match, Cena grabbed a chair and went to injure Edge. Kane ran down and took the chair from Cena. He then turned around and hit Edge anyway.

Main Event. Taker vs. JBL
JBL attacked Taker from behind while he was waiting in the ring. Taker hit a Tombstone. JBL came back with a fall away slam and a Clothesline From Hell to win.

After the match, JBL grabbed a chair, but Matt Morgan ran down and saved Taker. 

Recap: Smackdown had a simple card. It's easy to see who the main eventers are. Kane returned as a heel. Morgan is off the injured list.

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