Wednesday, August 22, 2012

April Week 4, Year 4

Six days until Extreme Rules.

Match 1. Jericho and Booker vs. RVD and Christian
Booker hit RVD with a Bookend. RVD and Christian hit a double dropkick on Booker. RVD then lifted Christian up and then dropped him for a leg drop across Booker's neck. RVD hit a heel kick and then a 5-star Frog Splash and won.

Match 2. Matt vs. Regal
Without Jeff in action, Matt is just floundering right now. Regal connected with the Power of the Punch. Jericho interfered and hit Regal with a Codebreaker. Regal got up and hit Matt with a tiger suplex pin and won.

Match 3. Rey vs. Kane
Kane stomped all over Rey and then planted him with a DDT. Rey, somehow, was able to jump up and give Kane a DDT. Kane landed a back breaker as Eddie ran down with a chair. All three men were on the outside. Kane gave Eddie a chokeslam. After a running clothesline, Kane got the win.

Main Event. Orton and Dolph vs. Big Show and Shelton
These four will compete on Sunday for the vacant World Title. All four men were involved in the match early. Show hit Ziggler with a spear. Shelton hit a pinning German suplex on Orton, but he kicked out. Orton then hit an RKO, but Shelton quickly recovered. Show came in and hit Orton with a Showstopper to win.

Match 1. Benoit vs. Henry
Benoit has now lost to Henry twice in the last 3 weeks. Benoit locked the arms and hit the three German suplexes. Henry recovered and hit the World's Strongest Slam. Henry continued his dominance with a military press and a second WSS. After a belly-to-belly, Henry won.

Match 2. Triple H vs. JBL
This is a falls count anywhere match. Triple H landed the spine buster and Pedigree early in the match. Triple H brought in a chair and hit JBL a few times. He then hit another spine buster and Pedigree to win.

After the match, JBL and Triple H continued brawling at the top of the ramp. Referees and officials had to break it up.

Match 3. Bubba Ray vs. CM Punk
Bubba hit a few right hands then a Bubba Cutter. Punk kicked out, but Bubba continued the attack with a suplex. Bubba finished the match with a Bubba Bomb and a Death Valley Driver to win.

After the match, Punk was taken away on a stretcher.

Main Event. John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy
After a Lou Thesz Press, Cena hit the AA. Kennedy kicked out, but Cena hit the spin-out powerbomb. Cena rolled Kennedy back into the ring and hit another AA to win.

After the match, a WWE official checked on Kennedy.

Recap: Will Taker be defending his title against Triple H AND JBL at the PPV? Punk and Kennedy are hurt.

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