Thursday, August 2, 2012

January Week 1, Year 4

Ya know, it's a new year and I'm going to finally let these "Remarkable Matches" play out. I just hope these storylines end after this week

Match 1. Shawn Michaels and Christian vs. Brodus Clay and Evan Bourne
Clay and Bourne left the ring and attacked HBK and Christian on the ramp. Clay hit HBK with the G-Grip chokeslam. The match made it back to the ring where Christian received the G-Grip and lost.

After the match, Christian threw a fit outside the ring which ended with Christian punching Michael Cole.

Match 2. Jericho vs. Orton
Regal walked down and stood in Orton's corner. Jericho landed the Codebreaker, but they still fought. Orton kicked out of a pin and hit an RKO. Orton landed a clothesline, back suplex and the Angle Slam-type move. Both men were on the top rope as Jericho landed a superplex and won.

After the match, Regal came in and raised Jericho's hand. He then turned around and punched him.

Match 3. Hernandez vs. Kane
Hernandez attacked Kane from behind. Hernandez hit Kane with about 5 Border Tosses, but Kane got up from every single one of them. After the fifth one, Kane got up, caught Hernandez in a chokeslam and won.

After the match, Triple H came in and tossed Hernandez out of the ring. He then raised Kane's arm.

Main Event. Jeff Hardy w/ Steiner vs. Mason Ryan w/ Flair
Jeff flipped Ryan over his shoulders and landed face first on the mat. Steiner and Flair were fighting on the outside all match. Jeff and Ryan joined them. Jeff hit Ryan with a Twist of Fate on the steel steps. They made it back into the ring where Ryan connected with a House of Pain to win.

Match 1. Morgan vs. Angle
A few minutes into the match, Morgan hit a neck breaker and almost won. After a German suplex, Angle connected with an Angle Slam. Morgan fought back with a chokeslam. He then went for a bicycle kick but Angle blocked it and hit another Angle Slam to win.

Match 2. Sheamus vs. Big Show
Sheamus was walking down the ramp when Show attacked him from behind. Show hit the Final Cut outside the ring. He brought Sheamus back into the ring and went for multiple pin attempts. Show then hit the WMD and won.

Match 3. Edge vs. JBL
Edge hit the spear, but only got a 2 count afterwards. A minute later, JBL connected with the Clothesline from Hell. Cena ran down but didn't do much. Edge hit another spear and won.

Main Event. Kennedy vs. John Cena
Cena was attacked before the match. Kennedy tried to take advantage, but Cena was able to come back. Cena went for the AA, but Kennedy blocked it and landed the Mic Check. Kennedy continued the attack with a neck breaker and a snap suplex. After a Kenton Bomb, Kennedy got the 3 count.

After the match, Kennedy left the ring, but was stopped by the returning Mark Henry.

Recap: Henry is back. 

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