Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The card was alright. I want the US Title on the line.

Match 1. Triple H vs. Shelton vs. Regal  Intercontinental Championship
I'm hoping The Game loses the belt. He belongs in the main event. Regal brought a chair into the ring. Regal hit Triple H with the Power of the Punch. Shelton landed Paydirt on Regal. Regal landed another punch on HHH. He then hit a running knee on Shelton and won.

Match 2. Rhino vs. Eddie vs. MVP  United States Championship
I know MVP hasn't been around long, but Smackdown is low of babyface mid-carders. Eddie landed a tilt-a-whirl DDT on MVP and busted him open. Eddie did the same thing to Rhino a minute later. Eddie then hit the Brainbuster on MVP. Rhino was perched on the top rope when Eddie caught MVP in a roll-up and won.

Match 3. Christian and Jericho vs. The Hardys
The winning team will take on Kane and RVD tomorrow on Raw. Jericho hit Jeff with a Codebreaker. Christian and Jericho kept each Hardy isolated with their tag team moves. Jericho then hit Jeff with a diving elbow and a heel kick. After releasing the Walls of Jericho, Chris pinned Jeff to win.

Match 4. The Dudleyz vs. Show and Morgan  WWE Tag Team Championship
This was a tornado tag match. D-Von lifted Show over his head for a military press. Morgan hit D-Von with a modified F5. He then had D-Von on his shoulder and planted him on his back. He pinned him and won the tag titles.

Match 5. TLC - John Cena vs. Taker vs. JBL  WWE Championship
This may be JBL's first WWE Title shot. Cena immediately brought a ladder into the ring. JBL and Cena both climbed the ladder, but Taker pushed them down. Taker and Cena were at the top of the ladder, but JBL knocked down the ladder. JBL was facing Taker as Cena was able to pull down the belt to retain.

After the match, Cena grabbed a chair and went to snap Taker's ankle. Goldberg ran down to the ring and made the save.

Main Event. TLC - Steiner vs. Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar  World Heavyweight Championship
Goldberg returns and is immediately booked for a title match. Steiner made an early attempt at the belt but Goldberg stopped him. He tried again, but this time Lesnar pushed him off the ladder. Lesnar was suplexing both men. Steiner and Goldber were both on the ladder. Steiner slipped which allowed Goldberg to pull down the belt and win.

Recap: Goldberg is officially back and is now the new World Champ. What an event!

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