Saturday, August 4, 2012

January Week 3, Year 4

Well, these storylines are not ending. I feel bad for the rest of the Raw roster.

Match 1. Christian vs. Brodus Clay
Matt Hardy sat with Lawler and Cole. The match spilled to the outside where Clay hit the G-Grip. They made it back into the ring. Christian kicked Clay in the face in the corner. He then hit the spear and won.

After the match, Clay was taken away on a stretcher.

Match 2. Hernandez vs. Triple H and Benoit
Hernandez was holding his own against both men. He hit Benoit with a low blow, but Benoit hit a northern lights suplex. They went to the outside where Benoit landed the Three Amigos. He then locked Hernandez in the Crossface and made him tap to win.

Match 3. Regal vs. Orton
Regal attacked Orton from behind as he waited in the ring. Regal hit a belly-to-belly and a tiger bomb on Orton. After a 2 count, Regal hit a t-bomb suplex and connected with the Power of the Punch. Orton fought back and hit the RKO and won.

After the match, Jericho came in and tossed Regal out of the ring. He then shook Orton's hand.

Main Event. Steiner and Jeff vs. Mason and Flair
Mason and Flair met Steiner and Jeff on the ramp and all four men brawled. Both teams used frequent tags. Flair hit Jeff with his patented genital grab. Steiner threw Flair into the ropes, but Flair countered with a roll-up and won.

After the match, Steiner left the ring and Flair followed. He then kicked Steiner's head into the turnpost. 

Match 1. Bubba Ray vs. Angle
Bubba hit Angle with a Bubba Bomb and Bubba Cutter. He then went for a pin, but Angle kicked out. Bubba continued his offense with a pile driver. He hit another Bubba Bomb and Cutter to win.

Match 2. Kennedy vs. Henry
Henry hit Kennedy in the jaw with some brass knuckles. Henry was on the second rope as he hit Kennedy with a super fall away slam. Kennedy got up and hit a Mic Check. A cut scene appeared when Henry pinned Kennedy.  The ref counted to 2 and Henry attacked the ref. Henry then hit the World's Strongest Slam to win.

After the match, Henry continued his attack on Kennedy. 

Match 3. Undertaker vs. JBL
JBL reversed a sleeper hold and hit the Clothesline from Hell. Taker got up and caught JBL with an STO takedown. He then hit a Last Ride and a DDT. Taker kept going with another Last Ride and finished it with a Tombstone to win.

Main Event. Cena vs. Edge
Edge was walking down the ramp when Cena attacked him from behind. Cena hit a spin-out power slam. Goldberg interfered, but I didn't see what he did. Cena clotheslined Edge and won.

After the match, Cena was about to leave the ring but he turned around and beat Edge up some more.

Recap: I still think Flair is confused with Mason/Batista. One rivalry down with the Clay injury. Raw lasted about 20 minutes, which was awesome. Goldberg turned heel. I guess he helped Cena somehow.

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