Friday, August 10, 2012


The two Chamber matches are awesome. I like the Smackdown one more. The rest of the card is shit. Sorry for the language.

Match 1. Chamber - Taker vs. Kennedy vs. Cena vs. Edge vs. JBL vs. Angle  WWE Championship
Edge and JBL start the match off. Wait a minute, if there are 5 challengers in the match, why bother having a #1 contender's match? The first man to leave the pod was Angle. He waited in the corner while JBL and Edge went at it. Cena was the next to enter. He went right after JBL. The third man to enter was The Deadman. Kennedy finally entered and all six men began fighting. Taker was about to hit Angle with a Tombstone, but Kennedy broke it up. He hit it 30 seconds later and Angle was the first eliminated. JBL eliminated Cena. Taker hit JBL with a Last Ride and Tombstone to eliminate him. Edge eliminated Kennedy. Edge and Taker remain. Edge hit the spear from the top rope and almost won, but Taker kicked out. Edge went for the spear, but Taker sat up. He hit a Tombstone in the middle of the ring to retain.

Match 2. Swagger vs. The Rock
This is Swagger's initiation into the WWE - going one on one with The Great One. Swagger landed a nice German suplex. Rock fought back and busted him open with a float-over DDT. Swagger came back and landed the Swagger Bomb. He then hit the gutwrench powerbomb. Rock got up, hit the Rock Bottom and won.

Match 3. Steel Cage - Eddie vs. Kofi vs. Punk  United States Championship
At the 6-minute mark, Eddie hit Punk with the Three Amigos. Punk locked Eddie in the Anaconda Vice, but he immediately released the hold. Punk was climbing the cage, but Eddie pulled him down and hit the brainbuster. Kofi climbed the cage. Punk went after him, but Kofi knocked him down and won.

Match 4. Big Show vs. Rey
I just want to see a big man/little man feud. It's just odd that Show is a face and Rey is heel. Rey tried his best to take down the big man, but to no avail. Show tossed him all over. He hit a Showstopper and forced Rey to tap out from a reverse chin lock.

Match 5. RVD vs. Chris Jericho and Christian  World Tag Team Championship
Even without Kane, RVD will defend the tag titles. Jericho and Christian tried their best to keep RVD down, but he wouldn't quit. RVD hit Christian in the back of the head with a kick. He then hit the 5-star Frog Splash and knocked him out.

After the match, Mark Henry checked on Jericho.

Main Event. Chamber - Henry vs. Triple H vs. Orton vs. Goldberg vs. Shelton vs. Regal
The first two participants were Shelton and Goldberg. The next man to enter was Henry. He went right after Shelton. Regal entered the match and took on Henry. Orton's pod opened and he took on Regal. Triple H finally entered. Regal hit a release German suplex on Orton. Regal hit the Power of the Punch on Goldberg and busted him open. Triple H attempted a Pedigree on Orton, but he reversed it. Triple H tried again and succeed. Orton went for an RKO, but The Game pushed him away. Triple H hit the Pedigree on Goldberg and eliminated him. Regal was eliminated after Paydirt. Henry hit the World's Strongest Slam and eliminated Orton. Triple H went for a Pedigree on Shelton, but Henry blocked it. Shelton caught Henry in a roll-up and eliminated him. Triple H quickly went for a Pedigree, but Shelton reversed it and hit Paydirt. Triple H got up right away. Shelton connected with a superkick to the jaw of The Game. After a running clothesline and some right hands, Triple H got the win.

Recap: I wasn't expected RVD to retain his title, but the knockout stipulation helped him. I'm happy Henry is no longer champion.

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