Friday, August 24, 2012

May Week 1, Year 4

With Extreme Rules in the rearview, we now look towards Judgment Day. Due to his constant appearance on Raw, RVD has been moved back to Monday nights in exchange for a Superstar to be named later.

Match 1. Jericho and Booker vs. RVD and Christian
Booker and Jericho were in the ring when Christian appeared alone. This began as a handicap match. Now RVD decides he doesn't want to appear on Raw? What gives!? Jericho spent most of the match on offense. He hit Christian with a heel kick and two Codebreakers. The ref called for a DQ for something Christian did.

Match 2. Big Show vs. Matt Hardy
Matt tried his best to take Show down, but there was too much weight difference. Show landed a back suplex and the Final Cut. He then picked Matt back up and hit the Showstopper. Show then hit some thunderous right hands and a military press to win.

Match 3. Orton vs. Kane
Orton brought in a chair to take down Kane. Orton hit an RKO, but Kane kicked out at 1. Orton brought in another chair, but Kane caught him in a chokeslam. Edge ran down to the ring and went after Kane. Orton landed another RKO and won.

After the match, Kane was taken away on a stretcher.

Main Event. Ziggler vs. Bourne
Two young stars getting an opportunity to shine. Bourne hit a dropkick from the top rope and then an STO. He then picked Ziggler up and connected with a Widow's Peak, shades of Victoria. He climbed the rope one more time and hit Air Bourne to win.

Match 1. Michaels vs. Sheamus
In the first couple of minutes, the ref was knocked out and Cody ran out from the crowd. Michaels landed a couple of moves, but Sheamus landed the Irish Curse and the High Cross. Michaels was able to kick out and hit a fisherman suplex. Sheamus smacked HBK's head into the mat and then got the win.

Match 2. Triple H vs. JBL, Kennedy and MVP
JBL and Kennedy were the main focus of the match. Kennedy landed the rolling fireman's carry on The Game. Triple H got up and went for the Pedigree, but Kennedy reversed it. He then hit the Mic Check and knocked The Game out.

Match 3. John Cena vs. Mark Henry
Cena landed an AA early, but Henry was able to kick out. Henry lifted Cena up for a military press. Cena hit back to back AAs. Kennedy interfered and hit the Mic Check on Cena. John was able to recover and hit his fourth AA to win.

Main Event. Taker vs. Cody Rhodes
Taker landed a chokeslam around the 3:30 mark. Cody brought in a chair, but Taker took it away from him. He tossed it back to Cody and punched the chair into his face. Taker then hit the Last Ride and Tombstone to win.

After the match, Taker was celebrating when JBL attacked him from behind.

Recap: Looking at the rosters, Smackdown is LOADED with star power. Here comes the injury bug. 

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