Saturday, August 4, 2012

January Week 4, Year 4

I can't believe it's already time for the Royal Rumble. There will be changes, I just have to prepare for them.

Match 1. Brodus Clay vs. Christian vs. Matt Hardy
I guess Clay is a quick healer. Clay hit Christian with a t-bone suplex. Matt somehow lifted Clay over his head and hit a modified F5. Christian went for the Killswitch on Clay, but Matt broke it up and hit Christian with a Twist of Fate. Clay left to grab a chair and Matt pinned Christian to win.

Match 2. Hernandez vs. Triple H vs. Benoit vs. Kane
Kane hit Hernandez with a pump handle slam and Triple H landed a pile driver on Benoit. Triple H busted Kane open with a knee smash. Benoit hit Hernandez with the Three Amigos. Triple H hit Kane with a Pedigree and then Benoit put Kane in the Crossface and made him tap.

After the match, Kane was checked on by a WWE official.

Match 3. Regal vs. Orton w/ Jericho
Orton hit a back suplex and a DDT. He then hit the Angle Slam-like move. He got a 2 count and continued the offense. He landed an RKO and won.

Main Event. Batista w/ Flair vs. Jeff w/ Steiner
It looks like Flair found the right member of Evolution. Steiner and Flair fought outside the ring. Jeff hit a springboard elbow from the apron, back into the ring. Jeff then connected with a Twist of Fate. Batista fought back and hit a running powerslam onto a chair. He then hit a spear and Batista Bomb to win.

Match 1. Bubba vs. Angle
Bubba was dominating the Olympic Hero. He hit the Bubba Bomb and Bubba Cutter. A minute later, Angle fought back and connected with an Angle Slam. Bubba got up, hit a pile driver and a powerslam to win.

Match 2. Kennedy vs. Henry
This match is a falls count anywhere match. Kennedy hit the rolling fireman's carry and then a Mic Check. Henry reversed Kennedy and locked him in a bearhug to win.

Match 3. Edge vs. JBL
Bubba Ray ran down and hit Edge with a Bubba Cutter. Edge recovered and hit a reverse DDT. JBL got up and hit a powerbomb. He then landed the Clothesline from Hell. Edge got up and connected with the spear and won.

Main Event. Extreme Rules - John Cena vs. Undertaker
There was a ladder, mop and kendo stick in the ring. Later, Taker hit Cena over the head with a chair. Taker dragged Cena over to the corner and hit Old School. He then picked him up for a Tombstone. Cena fought back and hit the AA. That wasn't enough as Taker hit the Last Ride to win.

Recap: Kane is injured.

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