Thursday, August 30, 2012

June Week 2, Year 4

Raw is full of Remarkable Matches. I'm keeping two of them.

Match 1. Orton vs. Hunico
Hunico is the supposed name of Edge's thug. Edge took a seat with the announcers. Orton went for an RKO, but Hunico reversed it and hit an Angle Slam-like move. The two went back and forth when Hunico hit another finisher. Orton still kicked out and after a DDT, Orton won.

After the match, Orton grabbed a chair and hit Hunico a few times.

Match 2. Kane vs. Christian vs. Jeff Hardy
Christian brought in a chair. He hit Christian and busted Jeff open with it. The match spilled out in front of the announcers. Kane lifted Christian over his head for a military press. Kane hit Jeff with a sidewalk slam. Christian hit Kane with a Killswitch and got the 3.

After the match, Jeff and Christian shook hands.

Match 3. KotR - Ziggler vs. RVD
Jericho slowly walked down the ramp with a chair. He hit Ziggler over the head with a chair. RVD then hit a Rolling Thunder. He then hit a 5-star Frog Splash, but only got a 2. RVD kept going with a northern lights suplex and a heel kick. RVD went for another frog splash, but Ziggler moved and hit the Zigzag to win.

Main Event. KotR - Orton vs. Triple H
Yes, Orton has to pull double duty tonight. Hopefully he won't be injured. The winner will face Ziggler next week. At around 4:30, Triple H hit a clothesline and his spine buster. He then hit the Pedigree, but he wasn't done. He hit a pile driver. The Game brought in a chair, but Orton used it against him. After a second Pedigree and some mounted right hands, Triple H won.

Match 1. KotR - Rhodes vs. Matt Hardy
Both men executed some strikes in the early going. Cody left the ring and Matt followed. Matt hit the Side Effect and Twist of Fate. Matt rolled Cody into the ring. He then hit a jumping senton from the apron and won.

Match 2. KotR - Kofi vs. Batista
Batista was in control and hit Kofi with a spear. D-Von ran down. Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise on Batista. D-Von hit Batista with an inverted DDT. Batista got up, but Kofi hit another Trouble in Paradise and won.

After the match, Batista was taken away on a stretcher. 

Match 3. Punk vs. Rey
Kurt Angle took a seat with the announcers. Punk was dominating Rey. He landed a GTS, but Rey was able to fight back. He took Punk down and hit some right hands. He took Punk down again with a DDT and then landed a frog splash. Punk got up and hit a releasing German suplex and got the win.

Main Event. Taker vs. Angle vs. Sheamus
Angle hit Taker with brass knuckles before the bell rang. I thought my 6-man tags take long; this match was almost 22 minutes. Each man hit their finisher at least three times. It seemed that whenever one superstar hit their finisher, the third man was always ready to break up the pin. Taker won with a Last Ride and Tombstone on Sheamus.

Recap: Ziggler vs. Triple H; Matt Hardy vs. Kofi next week. The winners will face at the PPV. Batista is injured.

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