Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Match 1. Money in the Bank - Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus vs. Morgan vs. Cesaro vs. Angle vs. Daniels
I will be controlling Cesaro during the match. The winner will receive a contract to cash in for a title shot whenever they want for a year. Rhodes and Angle each brought in a ladder. Cesaro made a couple of attempts at the briefcase, but Sheamus knocked him off of the ladder. Sheamus and Daniels climbed up, but Cesaro knocked them down. Sheamus hit Daniels with an Irish Curse and a High Cross. Angle hit Morgan with an Angle Slam. Cesaro made one last attempt and successfully pulled down the briefcase.

Match 2. Jack Swagger vs. The Miz  Intercontinental Championship
Swagger landed a side belly-to-belly and went for a pin, but Miz kicked out. Miz fought back and hit the Skull Crushing Finale. Swagger kicked out and went right back on the offensive. He landed a running power slam and a sit-out spine buster. Miz reversed the gut wrench and landed a second SCF to win.

Match 3. Chris Jericho vs. Ted DiBiase  United States Championship
Ted landed Dream Street and went for the pin, but Jericho kicked out. Jericho fought back and connected with a heel kick. About 30 seconds later, Jericho hit the Codebreaker. Ted kicked out of the pin attempt and landed a DDT. He hit a second Dream Street for the win.

Match 4. Team Hell No vs. Primo and Epico  WWE Tag Team Championship
This was a great tag match from both teams. Primo and Epico were taking their shots in on Kane. Epico landed a heel kick and Primo connected with a back stabber. Kane fought back and hit Primo with a sidewalk slam. Both teams got some tag moves in before Bryan locked Primo in the No Lock for the win.

Match 5. Big Show vs. Undertaker  World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show landed the Final Cut on Taker. Even the Deadman was having a hard time against Big Show. Taker was able to land the Tombstone about a minute later. Show came back with a shoulder tackle and a military press. Show connected with a spear and the knockout punch to retain the title.

After the match, Jeff Hardy and James Storm celebrated with Big Show.

Main Event. Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H vs. Randy Orton  WWE Championship
Triple H walked out of the stage and began walking down the ramp when Orton attacked him from behind. It didn't take long for weapons to maker their appearance. Within a couple of minutes, there was a title belt, steel steps, guitar, and a crutch. Lesnar hit Triple H with an F5 outside the ring. Lesnar connected with another F5 on Triple H a few minutes later. Orton and Lesnar hit Triple H with a double DDT. Lesnar then got the pin when Orton left the ring.

Recap: Is Show betraying WWE? The main event was way too short.

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