Saturday, April 21, 2012

August Week 1, Year 2

There has been another retirement. Mr. McMahon will no longer compete for the WWF. Summerslam is next Sunday. What will the matches be?

Match 1. Rikishi vs. Foley
Champ taking on former champ. Goldust ran out from the stands with a chair and hung around ringside. He eventually came into the ring and hit Foley with the chair. Foley hit Mr. Socko and the double-arm DDT, but it wasn't enough. Rikishi won after hitting the Rikishi Driver.

Match 2. X-Pac and Bradshaw vs. Test and ???
A random tag match if I say so myself. Even though he had a mystery partner, Test came out alone. This match was mostly a singles match between Pac and Test. X-Pac pinned Test with a hurricanrana roll-up.

After the match, Goldust was in the ring checking on Test. Pac and Bradshaw grabbed chairs and hit them both.

Match 3. Stone Cold vs. Triple H
Edge ran down to the ring, but didn't do anything. As Edge was leaving, Austin hit the Stunner. Triple H hit the Pedigree on Austin, then hit his third piledriver. Triple H hit the knee smash and the spine buster. He hit another Pedigree and won.

Main Event. Kane Test vs. Angle vs. Undertaker
Kane walked down and introduced Test as his replacement. Test and Taker hit Angle with weapons. Taker hit Test with a full nelson slam. Taker then hit Angle with two Tombstones.

After the match, a WWF official checked on Angle.

Match 1. Benoit vs. Jericho vs. Eddie vs. Chavo
A four-way match featuring four of the best technical wrestlers. Jericho hit the Codebreaker on Chavo. Benoit hit the three German suplexes on Eddie. Benoit made Eddie tap out despite Jericho's attempt to break it up. 

Match 2. Ultimo Dragon vs. Rey Mysterio
This is a non-title match. Both cruiserweights were taking a lot of risks to help them win the match.  Ultimo reversed Rey into a double underhook powerbomb. Rey hit a frog splash from the top and pinned Dragon.

Match 3. Savage vs. Hogan
The Mega Powers are going at it tonight. It was supposed to be Jericho and Hogan, but the four-way match caused a change in the card. During the match, Flair came out and attacked Savage. Flair helped Hogan! Even with Flair's help, Hogan hit Savage with a chair. Hogan pinned Savage after his "Hulking Up" punches.

After the match, Hogan grabbed another chair and put Savage's ankle in it. He was interrupted by the returning Farooq.

Main Event. Nash vs. Hall vs. Goldberg
Hall was making his way to the ring when Mr. Ass hit him from behind. I thought they were done with that. To put everyone else at his level, Hall grabbed a sledgehammer and hit both Nash and Goldberg. Nash hit Goldberg with the Jackknife, but Hall broke up the pin. Hall hit Goldberg with the Outsider's Edge but Nash broke up the pin. After a chop block, Goldberg pinned Hall.

Recap: Bradshaw is a heel. Farooq returned. Angle is injured. Al Snow, Angle, and HBK are all injured on Raw. The Sheamus/Show match is still a remarkable match on Nitro despite neither man on the roster. What was Flair's motive to help Hogan?

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