Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Match 1. Submission - Ricky Steamboat vs. Arn Anderson  United States Championship
This could be a very technical and hard-fought match. It was a back and forth match during the first couple of minutes. Steamboat attempted many submissions, but Double A refused to tap. Arn hit the spinebuster and the the Figure Four but Steamboat broke out of it. Steamboat has hit many diving chops and rear naked chokes, but Arn kept powering out of them. After about 20 minutes, Steamboat retained his title with a rear naked choke.

Match 2. Extreme Rules - Steve Blackman vs. Foley vs. Al Snow vs. Rikishi  Hardcore Championship
Rikishi debuts at Judgment Day! The only thing we need to know is if he is a heel or a face. All four men were taking on each other, making sure no one got the pin. Quickly, a ladder, kendo stick and a beer can found their way into the ring. In his first match, Rikish wins the Hardcore Title after a Rikishi Driver to Al Snow.

Match 3. Test vs. Christian vs. Godfather  Intercontinental Championship
It seems like Test moved on from Goldust, but the competition is only going to get tougher. The Corporation has 2 of the 3 major titles on Raw (IC and European). Will they be able to capture the WWF Title soon? Christian and Godfather were taking turns beating on Test. After many close calls, Test retains the belt by pinning Christian while Godfather was out of the ring.

Match 4. Ultimo vs. Chavo vs. Macho Man vs. DDP
Savage is sporting black and gold tights while Ultimo is wearing his classic red and black mask and tights. The mix of two cruiserweights and two big veterans creates a nice dynamic in the ring. Chavo and Ultimo went at it while Savage and DDP faced each other for most of the match. DDP won by pinning Dragon after a gutwrench powerbomb.

Match 5. Steel Cage - Austin vs. Kane  WWF Championship
Here is the Corporation's chance to have the top 3 titles. Kane should fair well in the cage match. Austin was doing everything he could to keep this match short and painless. Kane made a break for it after a back body drop, but Austin got up. He tried to pull Kane off the cage twice but Kane pushed him back down to the mat. He finished his climb and won the WWF Title.

Main Event. Ladder - Flair vs. Nash  WCW Championship
It's funny how Nash is always in the main event, just like in the real WCW. Could Nash bring the WCW Title to the nWo? Both ladders were quickly brought into the ring. Flair made several early attempts at the belt. Nash hit two back-to-back Jackknife Powerbombs. Despite that, Flair tossed Nash off the ladder and pulled down the belt.

Recap: What I thought was going to be a good match seemed like a match that would never end. Steamboat and Anderson would not tap out. I like that the Corporation now has most of the titles. It solidifies them as a force to be reckon with. I can see Flair retaining the title for a year, just like Daniel Bryan did with the IC Title. Overall, it was a good PPV with some surprises.

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