Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This is one of my surprise PPVs this month.

Match 1. Falls Count Anywhere - nWo vs. New Age Outlaws  WCW Tag Team Championship
What would happen if the Outlaws capture the WCW Tag Titles? Scott Hall grabbed a chair. Nash hit the Jackknife on Road Dogg on the chair. Hall then hit the Outsider's Edge on Dogg. Mr. Ass hit a military press as Dogg reversed a second Jackknife. Nash hit the Jackknife on Mr. Ass and scored the pin.

Match 2. Extreme Rules - Rikishi vs. Holly vs. RVD vs. Big Show  Hardcore and European Titles
The winner will unify these two titles and be solely the Hardcore Champion. For a moment, Holly and RVD teamed up and hit a double dropkick on Rikishi. Holly then hit Rikishi with the Falcon Arrow. Show hit Rikishi with the Showstopper and knocked him out.

Match 3. Ladder - Christian vs. Ultimo Dragon  Light Heavyweight and Cruiserweight Titles
This is another unification match. Both men climbed the ladder early. Christian hit Ultimo with a sunset flip off the ladder. Christian then hit him with a tornado DDT and busted him wide open. Later, both men were on the ladder again. Ultimo hit a modified RKO from the top. He climbed back up and pulled down both titles.

Match 4. 6-pack Challenge - Rock vs. Austin vs. Triple H vs. DDP vs. Goldberg vs. Sting
These six men are, in my opinion, six of the top 20 Superstars in modern wrestling times (1996-now). Austin was the first eliminated as Rock flipped him over the top. Sting was busted open from Triple H's knee smash. Rock pushed HHH out of the ring. Rock then tossed out DDP for his third elimination. Goldberg was on the apron and Sting punched him off. Rock then eliminated Sting. He took out 4 of his 5 opponents.

Match 5. Cage - Steiner vs. Warrior  WCW Championship
Both men went at it during the early part of the match. Neither man was able to build momentum. Steiner hit his overhead belly-to-belly. He then hit a German suplex and began climbing. Warrior pulled him down and then received a back suplex. Steiner went to escape again but Warrior brought him back in. Steiner hit Warrior with a pinning belly-to-belly and retained his title.

Main Event. Last Man Standing - Angle vs. Undertaker  WWF Championship
This match is going to be brutal. I'm guessing it will go 15 minutes. About a minute into the match, JBL ran down and attacked both men. Taker hit Angle with two fall away slams. About two minutes later, he hit the Last Ride. Angle was able to hit the Angle Slam. Taker wasn't affected as he hit a Tombstone to win. The match lasted 5:59. I was way off.

After the match, Angle low blowed Taker.

Recap: I was looking forward to seeing both tag titles with WWE teams. The cage match was really good. The LMS match was too short.

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