Sunday, April 22, 2012


Before the pay-per-view begins, I have more roster news. Vader and Buff Bagwell have been released from the WCW roster. I am editing the roster to make sure every match is a title match.

Match 1. Extreme Rules - Rikishi vs. RVD vs. Foley  Hardcore Championship
We saw RVD on WCW in a losing effort against Sting. RVD brought in the first weapon - a crutch. Rikishi added to it with a chair. Rikishi hit a sit out powerbomb on The Whole F'n Show. Foley hit the double-arm DDT and Rikishi went for a pin. Rikishi hit RVD with the Rikishi Driver to retain.

Match 2. Table - New Age Outlaws vs. Hardys  WWF Tag Team Championship
Two of the best tag teams in all of pro wrestling. There are tables surrounding all four sides of the ring. As if the tables weren't enough, a chair was laying in the middle of the ring. Jeff hit the Twist of Fate and then the Whisper in the Wind on Mr. Ass. Jeff is on fire! He hit the Swanton Bomb on Dogg. Matt set up a table and Jeff slammed Mr. Ass through it to win the titles.
Match 3. Ladder - Chris Jericho vs. ??? Macho Man  United States Championship
Jericho issued an open challenge with his US Title on the line. Savage is the lucky one! He gets another shot at the US Title. Each man brought in a ladder. Jericho hit Savage with a suplex from the ladder. Later, Savage hit one in return. Jericho put him in the Walls of Jericho. He tapped, but this is a ladder match. Savage received a chair shot and began bleeding. After about 10 minutes of neither man climbing a ladder, Jericho pulled down his title to retain.
Match 4. nWo vs. 4 Horsemen  WCW Tag Team Championship
Benoit and Nash start the match, but Hall was quickly tagged in. Benoit and Malenko were double teaming Nash outside the ring. After receiving a long beating, Hall tagged in Nash. Benoit hit the Three Amigos. Nash hit the Jackknife on Malenko but instead of going for the pin, he brought in the steps. Malenko reversed the second Jackknife. Benoit had Nash in the Crossface but he broke out. Nash hit a swinging neck breaker on Benoit and won.

Match 5. Hell in a Cell - Taker vs. Angle vs. Triple H  WWF Championship
Since both men won #1 contender's matches, they are both getting a title shot. All three men got their shots in. Taker hit Triple H with a Tombstone. Angle then hit HHH with three German suplexes and then an Angle Slam. Taker was going for a chokeslam but Triple H reversed it. Triple H hit Angle with the Pedigree. After the finishers, it went back to a grapple fest. After another round of finishers, Angle knocked Triple H out with the Angle Slam.

Main Event. Cage - Goldberg vs. Steiner  WCW Championship
I'm hoping that Goldberg retains. He hit Steiner with a military press. Steiner returned the favor with a running power slam. Steiner was climbing the cage and Goldberg went to bring him down twice. Both times Steiner threw him down. He finished climbing and won the belt.

Recap: The WWF tag match was really good. The finish was underwhelming. The ladder match took so f'n long. They didn't even attempt to grab the title for about 10 minutes. I thought that the Four Horsemen were going to win the tag titles on multiple occasions. The Hell in the Cell was the greatest AI-fought match I've seen. That was a quick cage match.

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